HomeStyles UltraGuard Mattress Protector Review

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HomeStyles UltraGuard Mattress Protector

Back when my husband and I were starting out we never even thought about buying a mattress protector. It just never crossed our minds but as we got older and wiser – having gone through several mattresses we learned. All of our mattresses that didn’t ever have the protection of a mattress protector were just plain nasty by the time we were done with them. Stains and grossness of lord knows what was all over those mattresses but that’s a thing of the past.

Lately, our mattress has been under the protection of  the UltraGuard Mattress Protector.This waterproof mattress protector is great! We tested out it’s waterproofness by pouring a full glass of water on the center of it while it was on our bed. Not a single drop of water got on our bed with this protector on! It was bone dry!!

I love that when we took of the mattress protector we could hear the water and ice swishing around inside the bunched up protector like it was contained in a plastic bag. Really cool! Makes me wish I had had the UltraGuard Mattress Protector back when my niece was little and got sick in our bed. That wasn’t fun at all.

The HomeStyles UltraGuard Mattress Protector has a terry cloth feel on one side while the other side has the waterproof backing. It makes for a comfortable noise free sleep while protecting against dust mites, allergens, and anything that might stain your mattress.

It fits great on my king size pillow top mattress too with it’s stretchable side panels and deep pockets. Sometimes I have issue with bedding fitting my bed but not with this! It’s perfect for children or the elderly and comes in several sizes to fit any mattress. I would highly recommend this mattress protector to anyone that values their mattresses appearance.

Do you have a mattress protector on your bed?


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  1. Love this product. I may not need it at the moment, but I can a need in the future.

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