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honeybaked ham

Easter means different things to different people. For some people Easter is a day just to get together with family, EAT, and let the kids hunt for eggs. For others it’s all about attending church, instilling how Jesus died for our sins but was resurrected, as well as EATING and having a little fun with egg hunts, games, and such.

It seems that no matter what event you are throwing whether it’s a holiday like Easter or just any ole’ party, food is always an important of the event. People need and want to eat good things when they are around friends and family. It’s just natural.

Unfortunately, at things like Easter someone is usually stuck in the kitchen cooking. I’m one of the lucky ones that just offers to bring a side or dessert while my mother in law usually cooks a ham. I’m going to be a big help to her this Easter and bring a ham so she doesn’t have to spend hours cooking one – a HoneyBaked Ham!

Everyone KNOWS how great HoneyBaked Hams are. If you haven’t tried one you should but I am almost positive you’ve at least heard people rave about these hams. Yes, they are expensive but what you save in family time is worth it. And you can’t beat the taste!

While I knew just how great HoneyBaked Hams are; what I didn’t know about was their amazing sides. Earlier this week after deciding to wake up earlier everyday (my bodies still not adjusted to this brilliant plan) I was STILL feeling groggy at dinner time. No way I was in the mood or anywhere near the ability to be cooking so we ordered a boneless quarter ham, macaroni & cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes from my local Lexington, Kentucky HoneyBaked Ham store.

Let me start by saying it was an amazing, easy dinner. The boneless quarter ham was perfect for a family of 4. We even still had leftovers because baby bug decides to go vegetarian some days. It was thinly sliced and covered in HoneyBaked Ham’s classic sweet crunchy glaze. I was not expecting this on a deli style type of ham but was pleasantly surprised when I picked it up. I thought such yumminess only came on their more expensive hams. SO glad I was wrong!

As for the sides, they both came frozen – something else I was not expecting. They come in containers that are similar to side dishes found near lunch meats at the grocery store. I kept thinking to myself “How good could these really be being frozen?”.

Open mouth, insert foot.

honeybaked ham mac and cheese
Let me tell you the macaroni and cheese was AMAZING. I swear it’s the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. I like mac and cheese usually but it’s not something I typically order for myself. I chose this side for my kids and then was fighting them for when it came down to the end.

It’s a spiral cavatappi pasta convered in a creamy white Cheddar cheese sauce. I totally need the recipe for this. Can’t express how much I loved this side dish. If I’m ever craving macaroni and cheese I know exactly where I am going – HoneyBaked Ham!

honeybaked ham garlic mashed potatoes
The garlic mashed potatoes were good too. They had a nice flavor and weren’t too over powered with garlic. I added cheese, butter, and bacon to mine – I like loaded baked potatoes. I was just missing green onion or chives and it would have been perfect.

Both of these sides are easy to cook. You can cook them in the oven for close to an hour or pop them in the microwave for about 15 minutes. We did the latter as I was sleep deprived and hoping food might wake me up – and it did.

This Easter we will be able to sit back and relax and enjoy time with our family instead of being stuck in the kitchen just like we did this Super Bowl with HoneyBaked Ham’s Super Sandwich. Thank you HoneyBaked Ham! Awesome as always!!

HoneyBaked Ham wants you to do Easter the #HoneyBakedEaster way and so they are giving away twenty $50 giftcards to their stores. 18+, US only. Happy entering!

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What is your favorite Easter food?

Disclosure: I received a promotional item to facilitate this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Though it is just my husband and I this Easter I always love a good ham from HoneyBaked. Happy Easter my friend. 🙂

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