iCaughtSanta.com Review: Keeping the Christmas Magic Alive

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I can honestly say I do not know when I stopped believing in Santa. I don’t ever remember believing in him, but I’m sure I did. I had to of, right? Every kid does. It a tradition that most people lure their kids into believing.

We save for Christmas (sometimes all year long) just so we can feed this belief in children – till they learn what the real spirit of the season is. We read to them stories of this jolly man that brings presents (made by elves) to good girls and boys in a sled drawn by flying reindeer. We build up their anticipation with Christmas crafts, stuff their stockings, decorate the tree with homemade ornaments, and count down the days with an advent activity or calendar. We have them write Santa a list of what they may want all the meanwhile hoping the idea of presents may make them think twice before acting up. We have them bake him cookies (like caramel stuffed oatmeal chocolate chip cookies) and make sure to take a couple bites of them when we are setting “Santa’s” presents under the tree. What child wouldn’t want to believe in that?

I think the fantasy of Santa is great for children to believe in. I want my children to think the world is full of wonder and that anything is possible. I want my children to feel the magic of the season and want to give to others. They see Santa giving presents to every child in the world. That has to make them want to be just a little bit generous, subconsciously.

I am not sure when most kids stop believing in Santa, but my 10 and 11 year old nieces still believe in him. Granted their parents go to far links with phone calls (yep, there’s an app for that) and emails from Santa. And even try to make “Santa” noises out side their bedroom doors. I can totally see their parenting loving iCaughtSanta.com.
At iCaughtSanta.com you upload Christmas pictures that you’ve taken inside or outside your house and impose Santa or Rudolph on them. It makes it look like you caught Santa red handed in your house. For those children who are starting not to believe you can say “Look, I saw him in my house and I took a picture. Here see!” and they will have to believe you then. Right? Unless they are really tech savvy. Which kids about pop out holding a smart phone these days. So you never know.
It was very easy to upload pictures to the site. Upload speed is quick and I used very high quality, large photos (recommended). Once they are uploaded you can pick which Santa or Reindeer pose you want. Adjust the sizing, lighting, coloring, and you can even add a border if you wish. You can flip and rotate Santa. Zoom in or out the background. It is pretty nifty!

For just $9.99 you can get a full sized, high quality version of the picture, but from now till December 10th you can get as many pictures you want for free. Yes, free! Just enter the coupon code SantaShare when checking out. Also, make sure to check out the iCaughtSanta.com 2013 Customer Appreciation Contest for a chance to win over $1500 in prizes (iPad Air + Amazon, Visa or Starbucks Giftcards). Have fun keeping the Christmas magic alive!

When did you stop believing in Santa?

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  1. I guess I am too old. I don’t remember believing in Santa Claus. My grandson who is eleven just learned that there is no Santa. He is so disappointed. Not that there is no Santa, but that he feels his parents lied to him. We have given him all kinds of reasons and he isn’t buying them as valid reasons for lying. Have to say I thought the idea of Santa was fun and never thought of it the way he does.

    • I can see my son taking it that way too. He will probably be mad that we were helping him believe in the illusion once he finds out the truth.

  2. I was actually thinking about this the other day, and can’t pinpoint an exact year when I stopped. I just think things started to eventually add up as I matured and started to put two and two together. I also had a couple of cousins who started to drop hints about Santa’s true nature. Gotta love cousins for raining on my parade.

    • I can see my son doing that to his cousins and brother. We shall see. He already doesn’t want to write Santa this year because he feels like he will just get coal anyway so there is no point.

  3. I still believe in Santa and always will, Krystle. It’s about always keeping the magic and imagination alive in the heart, soul and mind that anything is possible! I write a very fun Christmas Eve post each year that is very popular about Santa arriving. Argh, I caught the caramel oatmeal cookie link (remember it from last month)….OMG I want a whole batch of those right now lol! 🙂

    • Very true. It’s the feeling of Christmas you need to believe in and the giving to others that needs to stick. The jolly man is just a nice addition for a while.

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