How To Get Back Up When Injury Knocks You Down

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When we think about health, our first thought is usually on how to stay healthy. We watch what we eat and workout. But we’re not always the masters of our own fate. Whether it’s an accident or pulling a muscle, an injury can come up at you from out of the blue. Once my husband fractured his ankle just by stepping wrong from concrete to the grass. It happens!

When injury knocks you down, it affects more than just your body. It affects your confidence, your self-esteem, even your finances. How do you get back on top?

Make Sure You Rest

All your friends will be telling you to take it easy when you’re recovering from an injury. They’re not wrong, either. Finding more rest during the day is important. But there is such a thing as too much rest. 

Most doctors will tell you that bed rest is good but not an excessive amount. Even when it seems to make sense, like coping with a back injury, lying down too much will actually slow your recovery. Some activity, especially shortly after an injury, can be much better than none.

It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about exercises and simple activities you can do without aggravating your injury. This may involve stretches of some kind or light walking. 

Pay Your Bills

If you have people depending on you and bills to pay, then an injury is more than a personal annoyance. It can become a crisis in your everyday life. 

Was the injury of your own doing or someone else? If the injury wasn’t your fault then you have some options. Going down the route of personal injury lawyers can ensure you get total compensation for any costs accrued due to the injury. While full-time employees should be entitled to take time off work, but unless an injury is an employer’s fault, you might not be entitled to worker’s compensation.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for some support either. Most would be more than willing to help.

Stay Mentally Sound

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Being unable to provide for your family or be as active as you normally are can be depressing. Thoughts like these can knock the mental and emotional health right out of anyone who is normally independent.

While your sensible side is going to keep reminding you that it’s wrong and futile to blame yourself, we all have those niggling concerns that work away at our self-esteem and confidence. It’s important to keep your doctor aware of any emotional health changes while you’re recovering from an injury. Mentally healing with the help of therapists and support groups during a time of injury is not all that uncommon at all.

Just as an injury can have rippling effects on just about every aspect of your life, you need to make sure you still take care of every aspect. Physical recovery is important, but make sure you’re taking care of your mind and your wallet at the same time.

get back up, injury, injury recovery, injury recovery quotes, injury recovery motivation, injury recovery articles, injury recovery tips

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  1. Very nice tips, important to prevent things before they happen.

  2. Injury can really set you back if you’re not careful, this is great advice .

  3. These are excellent tips, I wish I had these when I broke my foot a year in a half ago. Thank you for sharing.

  4. These are excellent tips, thank you so much for sharing.

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