Keeping Your Senior Family Members Active – Physically and Mentally

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We all will get old one day. Even those of us that invest in wrinkle creams and plastic surgery – they still will get the ailments of older adults. They may look awesome using that walker but nonetheless will still be old.

Some retirees feel that they are too old to do anything. They just sit around all day watching television. They feel that getting out is too much trouble and just become bumps on a log. There’s no need for that!

I believe keeping seniors active is very important. I’ve learned this from both of my grandparents.

Be Physically Active

My grandmother is very active to say the least. She can spend all day out in her yard gardening, raking leaves, moving boulders around – nothing can keep her down. She even does this through the ailments she has. I admire her for that.

Sometimes I just want to tell her to sit back and relax – “Grandma, your 81 years old you probably shouldn’t be on the roof!”. She’s of the mindset though if she does nothing she will go crazy and maybe she’s right. Getting out there and being active keeps you healthy and your wheels turning which is a great thing.

Helping seniors stay active doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to do anything too strenuous just enough to keep your muscles healthy. Go for a walk at the park or around the mall. Stretch those legs. Maybe join a gym and do some physical therapy. Anything to keep those muscles primed. There are so many things seniors can do to stay active, read more here.

Give Your Brain a Workout

My grandfather is also active but in a different way. He takes adult education classes at the community center and has even taught one of the classes there before. He’s keeping his brain active which I love considering his wife, my grandma, passed away from Alzheimer’s.

You are never too old to learn new things. None of us know everything despite the college degrees we may have. Taking classes about what interests you can be fun and you get to get out of the house as well and meet new people.

He’s gone out to eat with some of these people and taken field trips. He loves it and he’s 87 years old. He’s even gone to special events and has taken pictures with famous people like Condoleezza Rice.

Maybe taking classes isn’t your thing. You can still do other things to keep your brain active. Doing crossword puzzles and brainteasers is great for this. Best thing it feels like you are just playing a game but meanwhile your brain is getting pumped up.

I personally think you are as old as you act. If you want to act like you’re trumping the dinosaurs in age by doing nothing you may just feel that way too. On the other hand, if you get out and do stuff you might just feel a little younger and in turn be a little healthier as well.


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  1. Oh yeah this made me think of the saying “use it or lose it” I know my Aunty Joyce use to do puzzles to keep her mind active

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