Kid Relaxation Techniques + Sleep Well for Kids CD Review

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Most nights my kids aren’t thrilled when I tell them it’s almost bedtime. At that precise moment it’s almost like they get a burst of energy and want to do this or do that. They suddenly become hungry or thirsty or remember something they didn’t do that they just HAVE to do NOW.

I wish there was some magic word I could say during the day that would have them jumping to do their chores, finish all their food, and brush their teeth with ease but there’s not. I could threaten an early bedtime or take away something they love but that doesn’t encourage them to gleefully do what I want. That just results in grumpy faces and half-assed work.

When it comes to bedtime I’ve found that routine is key to deactivating that sudden “burst of energy”. If they go to bed at the same time every night, do the same things before hitting the sack, they are more likely to just go with it when you say it’s time to laydown. But then there are THOSE nights.

Nights where you’ve done everything that you’ve always done. You’ve read a book, talked, brushed teeth, and they are still bright eyed and bushy tailed. Maybe they’ve had a bad day, something is weighing on their minds, or they are just plain antsy. They need to relax!

One thing that has helped my boys is the Sleep Well for Kids CD ($18 for a CD 0r $9 for MP3). It comprises some of the most well know kid relaxation techniques into a soothing CD. Before Sleep Well for Kids my kids usually listened to a book or music CD while trying to go to sleep. Sometimes this worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Now my boys actually request to listen to the Sleep Well for Kids CD. Honestly, I was kind of amazed by how much they liked it. How could something so simple work!?

sleep well for kids front and back cd case

I believe it’s because of the combination of kid relaxation techniques used. The top ten relaxation techniques for kids are simple yet effective just like this CD.

Sleep Well for Kids has a soothing melody playing in the background while Janet Montgomery and her peaceful voice guides your child to perform some of the most popular kid relaxation techniques.

Kid Relaxation Techniques

  1. Cuddling – In her soothing voice Janet encourages your children to get “comfortable and snuggly”.
  2. Deep Breathing – Kids are encouraged to take deep breaths in and out while feeling their stomach imagining it’s a balloon.
  3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Kids are encouraged to relax their body from their face, to their neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, stomach, all the way down their legs to their toes. Keeping everything “loose like spaghetti”.
  4. Meditating – They are asked to imagine a soft color above their heads and say the color three times in their mind.
  5. Visualization – Kids are to imagine they have a special container and wand for blowing bubbles. With this magic wand they can blow out their worries. Other times they imagination nature and experience it with different senses in their minds.
  6. Listening to Music – All through the entire CD different soothing melodies are played in the background.

Sleep Well for Kids plays for around 30 minutes which I’ve found is plenty of time for my boys to go to sleep. When my boys used to listen to books on CD and I could expect to see them at least a couple times a night out of their room. Usually with some delay tactic but since using Sleep Well for Kids they haven’t come out once! They now fall asleep fast. It’s great! My husband and I can watch a show without being interrupted. What a concept!

The CD is great for kids of any age or even adults. My boys are 5 and 8, they love it! We all could use some relaxing. I know I could. The kid relaxation techniques used in this CD are perfect for adults as well.

I would highly recommend Sleep Well for Kids to any parent. It’s been a blessing in this household. Not only does it help my kids sleep there’s even some learning facts thrown in about animals. Learning while sleeping!? Heck yeah!!

What kid relaxation techniques have you used?


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