Make Kid’s Drinks Fun with Kool-Aid Ice Cubes: Great for Holidays and Birthday Parties!

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koolaid ice cubesMy kids usually think of Sierra Mist or Sprite or 7UP or any kind of soda actually as a treat. They really don’t need the extra sugar (they are bouncing off the walls as is) so this is something they rarely get. I saw the magic potion drink on Pinterest and thought hey I want to make a Halloween version of it.

At first I wanted to add black and orange kool-aid ice cubes but I couldn’t find a black kool-aid. I suppose I could of used purple but grape and oranges flavor oozing into one another didn’t appeal to me. So I just decided to use orange. Guess what!? We had a lovely surprise once the orange kool-aid ice cubes started melting into the lemon lime soda. It almost exactly tasted like Fresca. I only ever had Fresca at my grandparents house as a child but this definitely reminded me of it. My husband and boys love it!

This idea could transfer into so many holidays. Red and blue for patriot holidays, red and green for Christmas, Green for St. Patty’s Day…you get the idea. Or this would also be great for birthday partys with multiple colors or to match characters. I would just try to make sure the flavors you choose go well with one another. Botttoms up!


  • Ice Tray
  • Kool-Aid
  • Lemon Lime Soda


Make your flavor(s) choice of Kool-Aid as directed and freeze in an ice tray. Once the Kool-Aid ice cubes are frozen place in a glass and pour lemon lime soda over top them. Enjoy!


Birthday in a Box

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  1. What a cool idea I have tried something like this in the past when my girls where little

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    This once again, a fun and easy thing to do on Halloween. I am going to use this for a Halloween gathering I’m having. 🙂

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