Best Gaming Resolutions for Kids in 2013

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ben 10 video gameThere are loads of cool games which are available on the Internet these days. Children have the possibilities to play a wealth of different types of games, including; action, adventure, puzzle, dress up, sport and much more. Moreover, they also get to play games which revolve around their favourite characters including; Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry, and much more. Thus, the choices are quite simply endless.

This article presents some great ideas for 2013 in order to ensure that your child gets the most fun out of their gaming experience whilst also ensuring that they you have a sensible hold over the amount of time that they play. After all, with so many choices available, your child can be missing a hidden gem or an element of fun, and thus the following tips (or New Year gaming resolutions) will help your little one to embrace more fun…

  1. Play a multi-player game at least once a week

There are lots of cool games which are available online which boast a two player option. You should encourage your child to take advantage of these because it means that they can either play with you or their friends. This is good because not only does it enhance the level of fun that they have but it also promotes social interaction as well. This is obviously very important for the development of young children.

  1. Set a time limit of only one hour per day for gaming

This is something which is important for several reasons. It is more of a strict New Year’s resolution because it ensures that your child is beingworld of warcraft sensible with the amount of time they spend on the computer. After all, you need to ensure that their eyes are protected and that they don’t spend all of their time playing computer or video games. Moreover, it will keep the excitement alive and enhance the fun because they will look forward to the hour each day that they get to spend playing computer games.

  1. If your child does their homework as soon as they get in, they can have an extra 30 minutes playing cool games

This is a great way to ensure that your child does their homework whilst also presenting them with the possibility to have more fun. It is a win-win situation; your child gets to enjoy themselves more, whilst you get the insurance that their homework has been complete.

  1. Play a game beginning with a different letter everyday

This is a great way to ensure that the fun never dies. When your child plays a game today, learning abc'stell them to find something which begins with an ‘A’, when they play tomorrow they can then pick a game which begins with a ‘B’ and so on and so forth. This keeps an element of excitement and also ensures they are occupied for a while because they will be searching for a game to choose. In addition to this, it helps them with learning the alphabet and learning new words as well and thus aids their effective thinking process.

If you use the four New Year’s resolutions given in this article then you are bound to enhance your child’s level of fun, aid their learning capability and ensure that you have a good hold over the level of time they spend on the computer. Everyone is a winner!

This guest post was written by CJ. She is a qualified multimedia journalist. For information regarding this article she looked at the cool games featured on the Cartoon Network website.


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  1. I found this interesting even though I am not one who knows anything about these types of games

  2. Totally love the time limit idea.

  3. stephanie says:

    setting a time limit is a cool idea!

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