Reinforcing the Skills Children Learn at School: Scholastic Printable Worksheets

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Scholastic's "The Magic School Bus"

Do your children come home from preschool or Kindergarten with cute little learning worksheets? Mine does! My son is in Kindergarten this year and everyday he comes home with a stack full of papers. Some of them I hang on my son’s art display, others I save for the future (I have a ton from the preschool years too), some I recycle, and here lately I’ve been re-purposing some into a paper mache bowl.

My son’s teacher often mentions that we need to work on the skills they focus on at school at home too. Other than going over the work he has already completed I don’t have any way to practice those all-important learning skills.

You would think they would send home new Kindergarten Worksheets to work on together but they don’t. We do, however, have flash cards of sight words that we practice everyday. It can become a little repetitive though but that is how a lot of things are learned.

I just heard of Scholastic Printable Worksheets. They seem like they would be a good way to reinforce your child’s learning skills in a less repetitive way. I already love Scholastic! I always order their products from my son’s school and more often than none my son listens to The Magic School Bus while he is trying to go to sleep at night.

Scholastic Printables provides access to 15,000+ worksheets and other printable resources for Pre-K to 8th grade children. They have almost every theme and subject you can think of available in a nice easy printable worksheet. Click. Print. Now that’s something I can do!

More importantly it is something that will help reinforce the skills he learns everyday at school. It’s funny how he can remember the most random things we say but the skills he learned at school can be lost so quickly if he does not practiced them regularly (like on breaks or holidays).

 How do you reinforce your children’s learning skills? Are you a fan of memorization?

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