L’Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream Review

 LOréal Paris Magic BB Cream Review LOréal Paris Magic BB Cream Review
I don’t know about you but I sure have noticed all the different commercials about bb or cc creams here lately. I had never even heard of a bb cream before then. From what I gather most of them seem to say they are a all in one cream that moisturizes as well as beautifies.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying L’Oréal Paris Magic BB (Beauty Balms) Cream. Personally, I do not see what all of the fuss is about. It goes on white with a slight exfoliant texture (the magical color changing part). I couldn’t really tell a difference in my skins overall look. It sure didn’t look flawless, but it did have a more finished look. I am used to a high coverage foundation though so my judgement is probably skewed.

For the most part my skin had a whitish glazed over color or once the pigment did show my skin appeared blotched with pigment (and that was with their lightest shade fair). I only could tell the blotchyness when I was in the sunlight. I guess I am too white (as you learned in my Mia Mariu review). I noticed as I was rubbing the bb cream on I couldn’t really tell how well I was covering each part of my face which probably resulted in the blotchy foundation look. I’m sure that was user error though.

I also had the thought that this bb cream could be used as a foundation primer. I was wrong. It did not go well under foundation for me at all. It made everything a sticky feeling and just didn’t blend well.

Also, directly after putting on the bb cream my skin felt a drying tightness. You know that feeling where moisture is being sucked out? Well, to say the least my skin did not feel hydrated at all. For me, the bb cream felt better if I moisturized first and then put it on.

I do, however, love the idea of this product. I would love something that would moisturize well and make my skin look flawless. Sadly, L’Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream isn’t for me. Have you tried bb creams? Which one works best for you?

Please excuse my red, dry patches. I wish I could get rid of them. Psoriasis? I don’t know. The first picture is without L’Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream the second is with.
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Disclosure: I received a complimentary product from SheSpeaks/L’Oréal to facilitate this review

 LOréal Paris Magic BB Cream Review

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8 responses to L’Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream Review

  1. It is good to hear that I am not the only one who had not heard of these creams till all the add started on telly for them. I liked reading what you thought of the cream I have been thinking of trying one of them myself
    Jo-Anne recently posted..Home to a nice big bathMy Profile

    • I suggest trying it and seeing what you think. I just won’t be buying them any time soon. For now I’m just gonna stick with my foundation.
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  2. Chevy Reid Roper

    I have been hearing about these creams as well, but also didn’t know what they were all about. Now I know. If I want something to hydrate my skin, I definitely wouldn’t like this product. I can’t stand to feel my face having the life sucked out of it. Thank you for your review of this product and saving me the headache of trying something and wasting the money for something that I probably would not like.

    • Thank you! I would still try them if you are interested just to see for yourself. I just may be weird lol.
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  3. Susan Cooper

    Some of those creams are such hype. I am not saying all of them are, but finding a good one is not as easy as it seems. Thank you for this review. :-)
    Twitter: SusanPCooper

    • I think I would have to try a lot to find one I like. I’m an estee lauder fan so if they make one I might like it.
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

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