LumenX EZ Grip Bike Light Review

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bike light

Bike safety is an important thing for all children to learn. For most children biking is the first method of transportation they can do all by themselves which makes them a bit giddy and over excited. 

They just want to go go go but it’s extremely important for them to learn the rules of the road. There’s more to it than just teaching them why wearing a bike helmet is important. It’s about teaching them to be vigilant as well.

Kids are often so anxious to go that they don’t always watch out for cars pulling out of driveways or turning from a stop sign. Things like the LumenX EZ Grip Bike Light can help car drivers see your biking child even if they don’t see them. Especially at night. So important!

The LumenX EZ Grip Bike Light comes with a white front light and a back red light. You can choose to have these lights be steady or flash in a few combinations. I think the flashing lights especially come in handy in dark, gloomy weather. As a driver I am so focused on the road when it’s raining that I may not notice a biker in the distance but with these lights I surely would even if it was pouring cats and dogs.

The LumenX EZ Grip Bike Light is super easy to attach and is made of a water-resistant silicone. You just wrap them around handle bars, the seat post, or any part of the frame and you are good to go. No assembly required. Look how easy it is…

Even a small child could operate these bike lights. They are great! Learning bike safety at a young age will in turn help them learn to be safer teen drivers which is vital these days.

Do you go biking?

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  1. I don’t do biking. My daughter love it. It is a great review on LumenX EZ Grip Bike Light.

    • I would like to bike but I guess I need to buy a bike first and build up some endurance. I tried a 10 minute workout yesterday and didn’t even do it fully. I was so tired LOL. Sad. My boys on the other hand love biking around the neighborhood.

  2. I watched the video and not only are those awesome to bring attention to the little bike riders. But I also think that kids would love them because they are so cool! Drives me crazy when kids aren’t being more safe on the sidewalks or streets (or lack of the parents being more attentive). Good post! 🙂

    • Cool plus super easy to use! The kids love them!! I hate when kids aren’t being safe out in the streets too. It scares me.

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