Marble Fun Run Review

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marble fun run

My youngest son has always been a fan of building. He doesn’t care if it’s with Legos, wooden blocks, heck he’ll even create things out of other toys. He definitely shines when it comes to creativity. And now we’ve found another great creative outlet for him – the Marble Fun Run! The Marble Fun Run is great for those with a creative sole. You can spend hours creating different runs for your marbles or follow along and make the featured run on the box. It allows children to use their imagination and create the run they thinks coolest. My son loves it! I love that having 105 pieces this Marble Fun Run can provide hours of entertainment for my children. They can build, reconstruct, and run those marbles till their hearts content. A marble may get stuck here or there and you may have to push a little harder on some pieces to get them together. It’s just character and doesn’t affect the fun of it at all. marble fun run in use

This is not your typical building activity where you build something and then just have the pleasure of staring at it. It’s better! It’s building with some action!! Not mention the critical thinking skills that are involved to get your marbles where you want them to go as well as hand eye coordination and spacial skills.

My only concern with the Marble Fun Run is the marbles. This set comes with 30 of them. In the eyes of a parent who just had to take their 5 year old to the ER for swallowing a Lego. Yes, a Lego. Don’t worry he’s fine – it passed on through, but small items concern me a lot more now. He’s 5 – I thought we were past the oral stage but apparently not. It was an accident but now I am not comfortable with him and small things. So actually running the marbles through the runs is a family activity that way I can keep an eye on all those little suckers.

The Marble Fun Run is a parents dream providing an entertaining activity that actually involves thinking!! What a concept I know. I highly recommend it to any parent!


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  1. Susan cooper says:

    looks like tons of fun and hours of entertainment and kids out of your hair. Wish these had been around when I was a kid. Look far more fascinating than Lincoln Logs. Lol

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