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Being a mother means taking care of things. I’m pretty sure it’s written in the job description and would be in the manuel if it existed. I take care of the kids. I take care of my husband. I take care of the house. I’m a ‘taking care of it’ machine. You know what I rarely take care of? Myself. If I have the choice of buying something for my kids or myself I almost always choose my kids. I actually find it very difficult to buy things for myself. I often feel like I’m not that important or worthy and time is better spent on my family than myself.

Mothers like myself often forget just how important we are. If we don’t take care of ourselves we then in turn can’t take care of the other millions things we need to do. Then to top it off we get thrown curve balls – the kids get sick (I had this happen last month), the car breaks down, or heaven forbid you burnt your Thanksgiving turkey. These unfortunate events throw a wrench into everything stressing us out even more. It’s in these “because moments” we especially need not to forget that we too need total body care.

Massage Envy believes total body care isn’t a luxury it’s must in everyone’s wellness journey. They want you to take a “because moment” and set your life on pause to think about your needs. Check-in on you and tune up anything that’s lacking. As a leader in massage and skin care services, Massage Envy is here to help you manage this thing we call life.

Taking time to relax, unwind, and refresh is an essential part in our overall wellbeing. It’s something we all need to move past the bad and onto the good. If for no other reason take care of you for all those people you love; because they love you too (and probably would be lost without you)!

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