How to Make Mickey Juice Box Wrappers

mickey mouse juice boxesFor my youngest son’s 3rd birthday we had a lovely Mickey Mouse Birthday Party. It’s overall theme was Mickey’s colors and then pops of Mickey himself. There was a Mickey Balloon Pinata, Two Kinds of Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, and some Mickey shaped food as well.

I just had to do something Mickey for the drink as well. Thanks to the blog H is for Hayes I came up with these cute kids drinks, Mickey wrapped Yoo-Hoo’s. Kids love chocolate milk and it went well with the breakfast foods we were serving-they loved them! My neice thought they were so cute that most of the party she opted to make extra Mickey Juice Boxes. I set up up a little craft spot and she went to town.

It was pretty simple to make the Mickey Juice Box Wrappers although the duct tape can be a pain at times. I used black duct tape, cardstock, and buttons. Easy enough, right?
mickey juice box wrapper

This is going to sound silly but to make my circles for Mickey’s ears I traced the top of a honey bear container. It was close enough to the size I needed and it worked perfectly! As for Mickey’s pants I just measured the juice box and eyed how far I wanted his pants to come up-probably a little over a third of the Yoo-Hoo box. I bought a pack of cheap buttons from Walmart and I was set to go.
mickey juice box

The easiest way I found to wrap a juice box in duct tape was to start with the narrow sides first. So from left to right pull enough duct tape to cover only the top and sides of the box. Before completely covering the top make sure you eye the spot for the straw and hole punch it. I first punctured it with a pencil because it was easier to eye that than the hole punch. I had several rounds of misplaced hole punches because they were too hard to eye. So just jab a pencil through the tape where the straw will go through making sure it’s the right spot and then hole punch over your jab hole. Once the sides are covered just fold down the edges where it kind of looks like it’s framing the front and back of the juice box.

mickey juice box wrapper

Once the sides are covered it’s time to cover the front, bottom, and back of the juice box. On the front of the juice box, start by slightly overlapping the top of the “framed” area I mentioned with tape. Pull the tape down and completely around until the front then bottom and then back are completely covered. The duct tape should be wide enough where none of the juice box should be showing now.
mickey mouse juice box wrapper

Now it’s time to bring on out the hot glue gun! Attach the rectangular red pieces of cardstock for Mickey’s pants, the black circles for Mickey’s ears, and for a finishing touch add white buttons for well his buttons. This is a cute and simple way to dress up a juice box for Mickey party or you can create your own for any birthday party theme. Who is your favorite Walt Disney character and why?


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  1. Kelly Wade says

    Cute! I always see things like these adorable ideas for crafts on Pinterest and think they’re perfect for birthday parties and stuff like that. Or just to be one of the coolest moms putting Mickey Mouse juice boxes into your kids lunch!

    • says

      Yeah there are all kinds of cute ideas on Pinterest. I love that site. If you had a huge Mickey fan they’ve love to see these Mickey juice boxes in their lunch. That’s a great idea!
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

    • says

      Thanks! I agree. Kids would have fun making their own dressed up juice boxes! I miss being a kid too. They don’t realize how good they have it :)
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  2. Robert says

    This is so interesting. Not only are these boxes cute, they are also a great way to make your little one drink up all that iron-fortified juice. In fact, this would also make a nice idea for baby showers! I was checking out a website for some ideas and now I surely be adding your cute wrapping boxes to the list!

  3. Natalie Nichols says

    These are so cute!! My son isn’t really into mickey yet, but he probably will be. Maybe next year!
    Twitter: 1985

    • says

      Thank you!! If you ever let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney I’m sure he will love Mickey. Both of my sons have gone through a Mickey phase :)
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

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