Baby Bug’s 3rd Birthday: Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

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My toddler turned three a few weeks ago. Crazy. Mickey Mouse was his first love, well, besides me of course. It all started with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon on Disney and he was hooked. There is no shortage of Mickey memorabilia in our house. We have books, play sets, clothes, stuffed animals, figures, blankets, and more I’m sure. So for his 2nd birthday we had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party. It was pretty much your generic party with everything matchy matchy. Matching plates, matching cups, ect.

Mickey cupcakes

mickey lollipops

It was cute but since he was still so in love with Mickey a year later I decided to have another Mickey party for his 3rd birthday. This time, however, I wanted to do something a little less like the party store exploded in my house. I decided to focus on just Mickey since that’s his favorite character and his colors (red, black, white). Then for fun I added pops of Mickey here and there.

I bought the hat and iron on decal on eBay.

mickey clothing ideas

mickey mouse birthday party

Earlier in December the kids and I made some clay ornaments together. You know we had to make Mickey ones. So for the party I hung extra Minnie and Mickey ornaments from the cabinet knobs in the kitchen.

minnie mouse ornament

I was tired of always having hot dogs, pizza, or hamburgers for parties so for this one I decided to shake things up. We did breakfast for the party. Baby bug loves pancakes! So we had Mickey shaped pancakes, toast with Mickey and Minnie imprints, Yoo-Hoo’s dressed up like Mickey, go-gurt, coffee and tea for adults, and fruit.

mickey mouse birthday decorations

Again, I bought the Mickey and Minnie imprints from one of my favorite sites, eBay.

mickey birthday food ideas

mickey mouse juice box wrap

Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the pancakes but this Mickey egg gives you the idea of what the pancakes looked like. They were made with the same mold.


air walker mickey mouse balloon

If you have looked into or purchased those fancy birthday cakes you know how expensive they are. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on cake so my husband and I decided to save money and make Mickey cupcakes ourselves.

mickey cupcake ideas

mickey cupcake

mickey mouse cupcakes

I knew Baby bug wasn’t quite at the point where he could do a pinata effectively but I still wanted something along the same lines. I saw a great idea on the blog Inchmark. Balloons filled with candy that you pop. Genius! Our balloon pinata was Mickey of course. Baby bug and all of the kids loved it!

balloon pinata

All and all, I think it turned out pretty cute. And more importantly Baby Bug had a great 3rd birthday party. It’s amazing how time flies.


Birthday in a Box

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  1. It is hard at times to remember how long Mickey has been around for each new generation can fall in love with him again. My neice Liarna loves Mickey Mouse too………..she can watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over and over again she loves it so much and her parents have recorded many eppisodes of it so she can watch it every day……….

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    It is definitely on the cute side. you have given me some great ideas here, so off I go to create something fun. 🙂

  3. Really cute ideas! My daughter also loves Mickey.

  4. Lovely party ideas! Thank you for posting and sharing the photos. I am glad to read this article.

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