MIRA Stainless Steel Lunch Box Container Set Review

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MIRA Stainless Steel Lunch Box Container Set

This week at Big Bug’s school they had what they call Leadership Day. This is basically a day to recognize the schools achievements and share the glory with it’s students. It’s a really big deal. So big in fact that they have a practice day the day before the big hoopla.

Due to Leadership Day students were offered to either order a box lunch from the cafeteria or bring a lunch from home since the cafeteria was taken over for the event for two days. Little did I know Big Bug opted to bring his lunch from home.

We usually start the school year off good packing his lunch every day but as the school year comes to a close he just starts eating from the cafeteria. After school sports and activities leave little time for packing (or remembering to pack) a lunch most days.

I don’t mind packing his lunch. In fact it’s actually kind of nice to know what he’s eating and that I have a say in it. Have you noticed how wasteful plastic sandwich bags and snack bags can be? It’s totally the opposite of “Going Green“. I think if we are packing a school lunch there should be as little waste as possible. Might as well since it’s something we can control.

I like to use a reusable sandwich container, a thermos for hot food, and water bottles for drinks but had been using plastic bags for the other snacks. That was until I was introduced to the MIRA Stainless Steel Lunch Box Container Set ($17.95, several lid colors to choose from).

These little containers are great! They are made with food safe stainless steel so they are extremely durable and can be washed in the dishwasher with no worries. No BPA or any other of the nasty toxic stuff is in the easy to put on plastic lid. Big Bug sometimes has trouble opening containers but he said he has no problem with these.

I love that there is no threat of lunch items being squished. Not sure what my son does with his lunch box but I know he can be rough with it. Before when things did get squished he wouldn’t eat them (which was a waste of food) but now that’s not something I have to worry about. His food is safe and helps him be more eco friendly making less trash.

There are three containers in this set. There’s a 16-once large container, an 8-ounce medium size container, and a 5-ounce small size. It’s great to know just how much I am packing food wise in his lunch. Unless I used a food scale I would have no idea how much I’d be packing into a plastic snack bag. These would be so useful for people that are trying to lose weight and portioning their food!

Just to make sure Big Bug doesn’t lose these awesome lunch containers I’ve stuck his name on the bottom of each one. Lovable Labels make sure his stuff makes it back home to me! And doesn’t end up in the sea of lost items in the school’s lost and found.
MIRA Stainless Steel Lunch Box Container Set
I also love how easy the MIRA Stainless Steel Lunch Box Containers are to clean. I just pop them in the dishwasher and they come out sparkling. I hate that plastic Tupperware gets stained from food and gets scratch indents from scrubbing but stainless steel doesn’t have that problem. So not only are these great lunch box containers they are great for storing every day food in the fridge. I love me a versatile product!

Also, when not using these containers they nest nicely in one another keeping your kitchen more organized. Bottom line I love these containers!

What was your favorite lunch food as a kid?

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  1. They look like a great set of containers

  2. Jess @UsedYorkCity says:

    These are SO much better than wasting baggies, great idea! As a kid I was pretty much a PB&J kinda girl, and loved me some goldfish and juice boxes:-)

    • I agree! These are so much better than accumulating trash. My son is right there with you on your past lunch preferences. My youngest on the other hand won’t touch PB&J. Go figure lol.

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