Mommy Game Face On: Tips on Skincare, Make-Up, and Accessorizing for the Millennial Mom

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Being a mom means you’re busy, so chances are you don’t get enough time to dedicate to your skin and beauty. But now that fall is coming, with a few easy tips that don’t take a lot of time in the morning you can boost your confidence and look great. Here’s a crash course in beauty, skincare, and accessories.

Fast Skincare for Busy Mornings

As soon as you get into the bathroom in the morning, your toddler knocks on the door or your preschooler needs something from you. Sound familiar? Luckily, you don’t need to do too much in the morning to achieve radiant skin.

Follow a Simple Routine

Your skin doesn’t need much to look its best. The simpler your routine and the products you use, the better it will look – and the quicker you’ll be! Cleanse your skin, swipe on a toner, and finish off with a moisturizer. Now that we’re approaching slightly colder weather, your moisturizer should be thicker to give you more hydration, so replace your lotion with a cream.

Add A Retinoid To Your Night Routine

Even though you’re tired by bedtime, don’t neglect good skincare. A top product you should be using is a retinoid cream. This Vitamin A product helps regenerate skin cells so that they look healthier, but it also tackles problems from sun damage, such as pigmentation. Use it only at night as it makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Use CBD Oil

CBD is an oil that can be used in cooking and help clear the skin of acne and other impurities. It also helps with pain relief for minor issues and all the way to serious situations like the pain caused by cancer. How much CBD should you take? The dosage will surprise you. It doesn’t take much, and CBD is flavorless which makes it easy to incorporate into any meal.

Makeup To Boost Your Confidence

A bit of makeup goes a long way to erase signs of stress and make you feel good. Here are quick tips to achieving gorgeous, flawless skin in a hurry.

Use a Lip Stain

A stain is much less maintenance than a lipstick and it gives you a gentle color to boost the appearance of your lips. It’s also great because when it fades, it doesn’t leave you with dry or discolored lips.

Befriend the Smoky Eye

Smoky eye makeup is trendy this fall but it often feels difficult to achieve. It really doesn’t have to be and makes a huge impact on your eyes. All you do is spread a pale eyeshadow color all over your eyelids and on the skin up to your eyebrows. Then dab on a slightly darker color to the eyelids with your fingers. Finally, take the darkest color and smear it across your brow bone. Blend the colors and you’re done in minutes.

Grab Some Accessories

When you’re super busy in the mornings, chances are you get dressed quickly. A simple way to upgrade your look for fall is to throw on a few accessories. This can take your outfits from average to amazing and can be achieved easily.

Stack Your Rings

Stacked rings are all the rage and they’re easy to wear because you can just pile on rings that look good together and wear them in your own way.

Go Big on Earrings

It’s not always easy to wear dangly bracelets and necklaces if you have kids you’re running after all day, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this statement piece trend. Focus on bigger earrings as these are big this season. They stay out of the way while keeping you in the fashion spotlight.

Practical Necklaces

If you like jewelry that offers practicality, then this fall trend is for you. It’s about wearing long chain necklaces that have tassels or other charms on it, but the big links of the chain allow you to be creative. You could hook your keys on them so you don’t forget them or go one step further and wear an eyeglass chain that looks good while conveniently carrying your sunglasses, as seen on the Christopher Kane Fall runway this year. Practical and pretty accessories are perfect for trendy moms.

Belt it!

Belts are great to add to your outfits because they make them look more tailored. An example is if you’re layering your clothes for fall and they look a little baggy. Wearing a belt highlights your waist and immediately makes you look more fashionable. This fall, try the thick belt trend that draws more attention to your waist.

Gone are the days of ‘mom jeans’. Your fall fashion doesn’t have to be so focused on comfort that you feel sloppy. With the above trends, it’s really easy to feel confident and look trendy this season.

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