Make Money at Home with a Facebook Yardsale

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If I were asked where’s the best workplace in the world to earn money, I’d answer “home” right away. You may ask why. Well, where else can you work without time restrictions? Do you know of a place more comfortable than your own bed or your personally chosen desk? Is there any workplace which allows you to chop vegetables and prepare lunch while waiting for the next client? Is there any workplace which provides an instant stress-reliever which can surpass the prowess of that sleeping toddler which you look after in between “working hours”? I bet not. Only in our homes.

One home-based earning means which I have discovered a few years ago, which can really be a great home job for moms is the Facebook Yardsale. Well, Facebook yard sales are pretty much the same as the usual yard sale that we usually have, the difference is that instead of having the sale in our yard, we can do the selling over Facebook.

The mechanism of Facebook Yardsale is that one would create a group and she would serve as that group’s administrator-in charge of approving membership requests. As an administrator you lay down the rules and keep everything in order.

In actual yard sales, items are usually put on display; on Facebook, photographs, specs, and item price are posted. If people are interested in what you sell, all they need to do is place a comment or message you. Since most yard sale groups usually include people who live in close proximity, items are usually picked up or delivered via meet-ups after agreements are made via the yard sale groups. That’s how simple things go with Facebook Yardsale.

So, if you are a home-based mom, who loves updating her Facebook page, then Facebook yard sale is simply tailored for you. While actual yard sales have been in existence, tested and proven for many years now, I guess it’s about time that we, home-based moms embrace a fresher, faster, and practical way of earning while at home.

Outlined here are some advantages of Facebook yard sale.

  • There are a huge number of people hooked into Facebook, so I guess there is an advantage as to the number of people in the Facebook market which you could reach or advertise to. And this means a really good number of potential buyers for the products which you are selling via Facebook Yardsale.
  • It’s easy to communicate with potential buyers as you can send them private messages, making negotiations more personal and highly specific. With Facebook, you need not leave home to meet clients. All you have to do is stay online and be alert for popping up messages and comments to stay updated with inquiries and sales.
  • Group notifications allow all members of your group to be alerted whenever you post something new or an update has been made to your post which they are following. It’s like an instant, free advertisement.
  • Studying the Facebook market trend is easy as you have a good access to all posts simply by being a member. This way you can easily look as to which products sell the fastest or get the most attention. Also, members of your Yardsale group can post items which they are looking for. If you are wise enough, you can buy these from other yardsale groups and resell them for a given profit.
  • Listing items is absolutely free. You need not give a percentage of your earning to a web host or a website administrator. Everything you earn is yours. Plus, no taxes.
  • There’s an added layer of security as deals are personally done, no credit card or money sending fraud hassles. However, since items are personally picked up or delivered, make sure that you also protect yourself. Meet with your clients in convenient and safe places for added security.

There’s no limit as to how a mom can earn while staying at home. Let’s always be resourceful and reinvent the knowledge we have for our own advantage.

The author is a home-based mom for 5 years now. She proudly says that she was able to help with the family’s finances through online selling.



  1. I never would have thought to use Facebook to advertise my yard sale. That is way cool. I’ve thought about online selling but haven’t gotten any further then thinking about it… LOL.

  2. That’s a great idea but your last paragraph is a good warning. I did a yard sale once and the amount of creeps that showed up was kind of staggering.

  3. Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen one of these on Facebook! Pretty cool… but I assume that these groups are mostly local? Or do you ship items where the distance is too far to deliver or pick-up?

    • Yes, they are mostly local. I guess it’s kind of similar to craigslist but more localized like certain neighborhoods. My old neighborhood used to have people selling stuff through an email group we were part of.

  4. Ken Dowell says:

    Well that certainly sounds better than lugging all the stuff out into the yard. On those rare occasions when I had a yard sale I ended up all but giving stuff away by the end of the day because I couldn’t face hauling in all back into the house and finding a place for it.

    • I hear ya. We had a boy scout yardsale once for the troop at our house and at the end of the day it all went into a truck and got donated.

  5. I’m not on facebook and have no real idea of how it works but I have sold on Ebay and have just reactivated my account to start selling again. In my case, I need to clean up stuff that has been collecting over the past couple of years. I do like the idea that selling on facebook means no fees to others. You obviously do well with it so congratulations in finding a job that meets your wants.

  6. This is such a great idea!I have a friend who did this before taking off to spend a year in France and Morocco. So much easier than getting everybody together in one place!!

  7. This is such a great idea!I have a friend who did this before taking off to spend a year in France and Morocco. So much easier than getting everybody together in one place!!

  8. I’ve never heard of a facebook yardsale. It seems like it could be pretty profitable.

  9. Pamela Chollet says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine how this works, is it similar to Amazon?

    • It’s more similar to Craigslist. It’s basically just listing things you have for sale in a FB group. For example, my sister in law is part of a FB group for her town where people list things they want to sell. She loves it!

  10. Lorraine Reguly says:

    What a great idea! I know that there is a Facebook group that sells used clothing that is very successful in my city, so having a Facebook yard makes perfect sense.

    • Thanks Lorraine! People love having a new way to sell things. People are already always on social media anyway. Might as well sell things and make it profitable.

  11. Steve guyfoodguru says:

    That’s a great idea. I live in an area that has minimum car traffic and putting things on ebay can be a hassle with shipping and all. I’m gonna give this a shot. Thanks!

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