Boys and Their Toys: #CBBlackDarts NERF Compatible Darts Review

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nerf darts

It’s in a boys nature to be somewhat destructive. From the time my boys could pick up things they thought throwing that object was just pure fun. I think they just loved to watch me pick it up! Then as they got older throwing objects into other objects just so it would crash was a thrill. 

Boys are just drawn to certain things. Bugs, dirt, balls, building sets, and of course projectiles. For the longest time I tried my hardest to avoid giving my boys toy guns. For one I knew what would happen – my older son would shoot my younger son and a piercing scream would follow. For two I just don’t think it’s very nice to shoot things. However, I had to sercombe to their destiny.

Guess what one of my son’s friend’s parents decided to give my son for his birthday. A Nerf gun of course. In the past I could just slip those kind of presents away and he’d never remember. He was WAY too old to fall for that trick anymore unfortunately. One Nerf gun lead to him spending any birthday money he got on more Nerf guns. He has a stinkin’ arsenal now. Thanks guys. Thanks!

I still to this day haven’t actually bought him a toy gun. Not unless you count letting him try out these NERF Compatible Darts. I figure he has an arsenal he’s the perfect person to try these darts out! As you can see his brother likes them too of course…nerf guns

My son tried these black with pinkish purple tips in several guns of his Nerf arsenal. It shot perfectly from each and everyone of them. My son did comment that “they go slower” than his Nerf darts.

As a parent, I noticed some key differences. The NERF Compatible Darts are just a smudge longer than the Nerf darts. Being longer doesn’t really seem to make a difference but it could be why my son says they go slower. The major difference is the tips. The NERF Compatible Dart’s tips are much harder than regular Nerf dart tips. You can hear them cling off objects rather than the muffled sound the Nerf darts make. This concerns me a bit. I don’t think I would want to get caught in the eye with these nor would I with Nerf darts either though.

For the price, these NERF Compatible Darts are amazing. You get 100 darts for $16.50 while Nerf darts run $8-9.50 for 30. It’s quite a value considering my boys like chew on them. If they aren’t being chewed on, they are behind and under furniture, or the cats are running off with them. We need as many as we can get!

These NERF Compatible Darts are a great replacement dart for any Nerf gun – girls or boys. Amazing price and work great! Would recommend!!

nerf darts green pink

What do you think about kids and toy guns?


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  1. Oh yeah my grandsons like Nerf guns

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