Will My Son Get My Mom’s Horse Teeth?

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When I was little I heard horror stories about my mom’s teeth. My grandparents and her always commented on how bad they were. I don’t remember the exact details but HORSE TEETH come to mind. They always said she had big teeth and a little jaw. Doesn’t give her teeth much chance to be straight, does it?

She ended up having to get teeth pulled to prevent overcrowding and had braces for many years. Doesn’t sound fun at all! I on the other hand didn’t get her “horse teeth” but I still had braces. My orthodontist was basically just try to turn one of my teeth. Apparently it was twisted the wrong way but besides that my teeth weren’t too bad. Although sucking my thumb and thrusting my tongue did cause other issues for my teeth.

My husband and I tell Big Bug that he may have to get braces one day and it completely freaks him out! I don’t even think he really knows what braces are but he totally doesn’t like the idea of them.

Only the future will tell if he has my mom’s awful teeth. I’m sure he’s hoping he doesn’t but it’s rare to have perfect teeth these days without work. At least we’ve been trying to make brushing teeth fun so he will have less of his father’s issues – cavities. Cause drilling sure freaks him out as well.

Finding a great orthodontist – one that’s not scary to your kids isn’t hard. While kids are scared of the orthodontist, mommy and daddy are scared of the cost. Just today I saw a great list of orthodontists in Boca Raton area on Angie’s List and there were so many others in so many states and cities. There is sure to be one that will fit your needs and budget. Many of which do payment plans.

An Orthodontist isn’t someone to be scared of. Tendler Orthodontics says:

We strive to provide a positive, friendly and professional atmosphere where all patients feel comfortable. […] Choosing to take on an orthodontic treatment is making an investment that will last a lifetime.

Orthodontists are there to make your teeth straight and give you that gorgeous smile you always wanted or want for your children. My mom’s teeth were awful as a kid but as an adult she had a great smile. It was one of her best features.

Personally, I loved my braces. Maybe I didn’t at first but it’s something you get used to. I was so used to them that when it came time to take them off I was scared again. They became a part of me and I was afraid I would look weird without them. Funny, huh?

If my son does get braces one day (which I’m sure he will) I hope he appreciates in the end what we are trying to do for him. Kid’s don’t always see the means to an end. They are in the here and now not thinking about the future. The joys of being young!

Did you have braces as a kid?



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