Outer Space Room Ideas + Tolalu Rocket Robot Growth Chart Review

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Outer Space Room Ideas

My son was introduced to the wonders of the universe during an outer space unit at school. Ever since then he was hooked on anything dealing with planets, the stars, and sky.

When we moved to a new house and it was time to paint over the Mario mural in his old room we cried a little. That mural took my husbands months (off and on) to do. It was so neat but time consuming.

When we asked Big Bug what he wanted his new room theme to be he picked outer space, of course! We were thrilled! Not only because it’s an easy theme to accomplish but we love that he loves something educational. Watching National Geographic and space documentaries is much better than watching Sponge Bob. Hate that guy.

We painted his ceiling a dark blue that complemented the sky blue walls Big Bug chose. To the ceiling we attached glow in the dark stars and hanging inflatable planets. When I was growing up Pluto was a planet and still is to me so it’s up there too.

Our regular light fixture wasn’t doing it for me so I found the Ikea Smila Sol Light Fixture. It was just the look I wanted and was superior to the inflatable sun included with the planets.

Luckily, by the time we were putting his outer space room together Big Bug went through a short Lego phase. We had him build a rocket, robots, and other creatures to put up on his plant ledge underneath his Moon in My Room. He uses it as a night light when it’s bed time.
Outer Space Room Ideas
Outer Space Room Ideas
Outer Space Room Ideas
I decided pops of orange would be the color throughout the room. His bed skirt, curtain tie backs, fabric bins, bean back chair – you get the idea. I love the way it turned out and so did Big Bug. He has had outer space birthday parties but being able to sleep in outer space every night is priceless!

Looking around his room I noticed one thing was missing – A Growth Chart. Thankfully I was introduced to Tolalu.

Tolalu makes beautifully designed, high quality customized products for children and parents. They are absolutely adorable!

Tolalu makes placemats, stickers, growth charts, calendars, and more that any mom would love for their kids. These aren’t just the run of the mill items you can find at just any ole’ store. They are made from high quality products that are colorful and in popular designs that children love. Best part is everything is personalized! Come on, what kid doesn’t love their name on everything showing it’s theirs and only theirs?
Tolalu Rocket Robot Growth Chart
I ordered Tolalu’s Rocket Robot Growth Chart to go with Big Bug’s outer space room. It was perfect! It came in bright, vibrant colors and had that orange to go along with my accent color of the room.

The Rocket Robot Growth Chart features a rocket ship blasting off into the stars over a robot. The rocket’s smoke trail features your child’s personalization (which super easy to do on their site). I chose to put both of my boys names since I would be measuring both of them. So much for it being theirs and only theirs, huh? Sharing never hurt anyone.

The Rocket Robot Growth Chart is a vinyl sticker you apply like any other wall decal. We have put up several wall decals in our days and this one was one of the easiest. With the growth chart just because a rectangular shape it’s real easy to stick it to the wall. You don’t have to worry about intricate pieces sticking to one another or to itself.

When we first opened up and looked at the growth chart we were thinking this is going to be way too tall for our children. We thought it measured 50 to 140 inches. That couldn’t be right? Kid’s aren’t that big? Dumb us. We figured out the growth chart is measured in centimeters not inches.
tolalu Rocket Robot Growth Chart
Using a ruler we measured 50 CENTIMETERS up the wall to place the growth chart at the correct height. From then on it was super easy to measure our kids! I just hope when we move in a few weeks we can keep it. I’d hate to lose such a cute, useful item.

Tolalu products make wonderful gifts that mom and kids are sure to love. I encourage you to give them a shot! I’m glad I did.

Do you like outer space? What items do you personalize the most often?

Disclosure:I received Tolalu products in exchange for a post about the personalized gifts for kids. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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