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How Your Child’s Oral Health Impacts His Quality of Life

Oral health is important, especially as we age. Establishing good dental habits early in life is crucial for better oral health over time. This can be difficult for parents of children that are resistant to taking care of their teeth, especially … Read More

The Must-Have Checklist for Traveling Out of the Country

When you set off traveling, whether you are going for a week, a month, a year - or never coming back, it’s an amazing experience and SO exciting. The lead up can be thrilling and full of mental lists of what to do. The fun planning comes into play … Read More

How You Can Lower Electric Bills In The Winter

Every time there is a cold and harsh winter, homeowners respond by staying indoors and turning up the heat. Can you blame them? Unfortunately, cranking up the furnace and blasting space heaters all day can result in some hefty electric bills.  The … Read More

7 Things To Consider When Moving Somewhere New

Moving can be a difficult time for any family. There is so much to consider. What schools will the kids go to? What is traffic like? We have moved several times so we know it can feel like there are a lot of risks involved. On the other hand, it can … Read More