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Almost two years ago to the day I went to one of those Fall farm events. You know where there’s pumpkin patches, hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoos, and what they call corn hoppers. No, I’m not referring to the kids toy you push around that pops up little balls or any kind of machinery related to corn. This corn hopper is essentially a kids inflatable bouncer that is attached to the ground – a jumping pillow of sorts.

jumping pillow

Well, I jumped and sat while other people flew me into the air. I was all over this jumping pillow with my sons and nephew. After getting home I noticed I couldn’t sit without my bum really hurting. Any kind of pressure was just torture. The intense pain lasted for a couple weeks and then subsided. I kept telling my husband the bouncer broke my butt but he just laughed at me.

Ever since the jumping pillow I can no longer sit for long periods of time without my bum hurting. I swear it broke my tailbone or at least angered it. I had to make an 18 hour road trip about 8 months later and it was absolute torture. I was in tears by the end. Seriously, I can’t even sit at doctors appointments with my grandfather without having to shift my weight around to get comfortable. You know doctors, they make you wait FOREVER.

Okwu Comfort Orthopedic Pressure Relief Cushion would of really come in handy then. It’s this great plush memory foam cushion with a cutout just in the right spot to relieve any tailbone pressure ( or coccyx as some smarter people say). It’s perfectly shaped to fit your bum!

I could of totally used this on that road trip. Lately, I’ve just been using it regularly in the car. I love that my tailbone is no longer angry at me and that it gives me a little height. I’m SO short! This Okwu Comfort Seat Cushion is very portable and can go on whatever seat you wish. It’s great!

I love how comfortable it is too. I barely even notice my tailbone anymore. And after sitting on it day in and day out it’s easy to clean. The soft cover is removable and can be machine washed! I highly recommend this Okwu Comfort Seat Cushion to anyone with tailbone or hip pain.

Have you ever injured your tailbone?


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  1. Oh, oh I like the sound of this I also have trouble sitting for any length of time

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