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pediaoneMy youngest son sweats like crazy. If he’s outside too long or we just get in a hot car within a few minutes his hair is saturated with sweat. Yuck! PediaOne is a great product that replaces fluids, vitamins, and minerals that are lost during excessive sweating. It is a natural oral rehydration solution that is perfect for those that sweat as much as my baby bug or for those times they are under the weather with a stomach bug of sorts. Heck, if you children enjoy the flavors of these they would be great to serve anytime due to the many nutrients they contain. Much better than soda or even juice. I might need to pack this stuff up for Big Bug’s sports and activities instead of water. It might just give him that extra boost of energy that he needs to win the big game.

Let me tell you I smelled and tasted their three flavors- Citrus Blend, Mixed Berry, White Grape & Pear and they all smell amazing. From an adult stand point I could taste a chalkyness in all of them, but I also had my 7 year old son rate each one as well.

His favorite flavor was the Citrus Blend, then the Mixed Berry, and lastly the White Grape & Pear. He thought they all smelled good but only would drink half of the White Grape & Pear (said it only tasted likepediaone Pear) although he chugged the Mixed Berry and Citrus Blend. He said the Mixed Berry Tasted like fruit.

Do you ever buy these types of drinks when your children or you are ill? Want to try PediaOne for yourself? PediaOne is offering a sample kit featuring four 8oz 4-Packs to one of my lucky readers. US, 18+ only. Happy Entering!

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Krystle Cook - the creator of Home Jobs by MOM - put her psychology degree on a shelf and dived into a pile of diapers and dishes instead. She is a wife and mother to two rambunctious boys, sweating it out in her Texas hometown. She loves cooking, DIY home projects, and family fun activities.


  1. Susan Cooper says

    I have yet to hear about this one but it sounds like a great source for parents. My friend has a son that has weight issues and she has used pedisure in the past. It has helped him gain some weight while maintaining important vitamins. :-)
    Twitter: SusanPCooper

    • says

      I have used PediaSure type products for those times my kids don’t eat much but this is more of a fluids replacer. Both great products :)
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

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