Nobody Is Perfect, Even Parents Make Mistakes

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Although our children may put us on a pedestal, parents are only human and we sometimes make more than our fair share of mistakes. Nobody enjoys admitting to these issues but it can be healthy to take a look at where we went wrong, and how we can fix it. A lot of parenting knowledge can only be attained by learning how to do things better the next time. This article looks at some common areas where we tend to miss the point, and hopefully this will make it easier to spot next time.

Letting Things Slide

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One of the most common mistakes we can make as parents is when we fail to rectify a problem because we believe that it can’t be fixed. Regular occurrences such as bedtime arguments or television based quarrels often carry on for years. We try to make them disappear but eventually we give up and they just continue. All of these types of issues can be corrected, but is takes a lot of hard work and usually a load of tears. If you are finding it particularly hard to sort out a similar issue, why not look on the internet for a possible solution?

Being Unrealistic

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We all like to think of our kids as little geniuses and sometimes we try and push them a little too far. When we are applying this rule to something as potentially frustrating as raising a toddler, it can bring the house down! We need a lot of patience and even more understanding if we are too help our kids achieve these types of goals.


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If you are always changing the way you treat your kids, this can lead to a lot of heartache and misunderstanding. They will only begin to learn how to behave when you show them some clear guidelines that remain concrete at all times. If they are unsure of how to behave, give them a gentle reminder and show a lot of encouragement when they achieve this objective.

Failing To Change

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If you find that your best efforts are just not cutting it, you need to look at the way you are trying to do these things. Sometimes a fresh approach is in order and you should look at the possibilities. If a certain punishment does not have the desired effect, look at the reasons why this is the case. If your child never seems to want to get up in the morning, despite the threat of no television that evening, think of other ways to get the message through. Perhaps select a different treat activity that you can withdraw if they do not take heed.

If Nothing Seems To Work

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If you are finding that even the simplest little things are momentous tasks, you can always talk to other parents for some proven ways to get things done. No parent is perfect and you will find that many of your bad choices have been doing the rounds for many years. Just hold up your hands and don’t be too proud to admit you need help.

This post was written by Charlie Smith; he frequently writes blog articles on a range of topics, including parenting and technology. He is a part of the team at Well Researched Reviews and he is quite enthusiastic about his work. For more info, you can visit their website.


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  1. This mum made heaps of mistakes, but all my girls turned out good and are great mothers themselves and yes they make mistakes but as you said if we are human we will make mistaked……….
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