How To Keep Your Phone Safe From Tiny Hands

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How To Keep Your Phone Safe From Tiny Hands

Being a parent to younger children and trying to treat yourself to an expensive phone simultaneously can cause all sorts of conflict, right? Sticky fingers. Accidental drops. Orange juice getting spilled all over your brand new iPhone…‘Got any games on your phone?’ Yes, we’ll get asked this question a crazy amount of times by tiny wannabe teenagers soon, too.

We’re all too familiar with the sudden perspiration and raised heartbeat as you hand over your phone with so much caution and warnings of, ‘Be careful, it’s delicate!’ But we come bearing good news.

The vast number of protective products made by Punkcase may be the godsend you’ve been waiting for. Now you can get rid of the crippling anxiety you face after remembering you’ve left your phone on the sofa or the table, in reach of curious hands, with a simple yet effective and stylish Punkcase phone case.

Seeing as liquid damage is not covered in Apple’s warranty for iPhone 7s we believe it’s important you invest in an Apple iPhone case. Most of the advice we’ve come across on the internet suggests you can keep your new phone safe by using caution – not using it in the rain, keeping it away from baths/showers and avoiding activities like water skiing.

Also, it’s obviously recommended not to drop your phone, either. But how realistic is it to think you’ll never drop your phone or get it wet? Accidents always happen. With little kids? x1000, right? A simple spilled drink could be the cause of severe damage.

So how would you like to leave your phone around confidently? Take it to the water park and snap pics of your kids splashing around. Hand it to your child so they can try their hand at taking a picture, without freaking out about if they’re going to drop it. Sounds good, right?

That’s why we’ve compared the top three waterproof Apple phone cases available for purchase from Punkcase (The responsibility for the quality of this product remains with the seller. This is not an affiliate link.). Check them out here:

Case 1: Punkcase Webster Series    

Punkcase Webster Series                      

Offering to protect your iPhone against ‘forces of nature’, we think this case, retailing at $39.98, will be the perfect guard against the wild forces of children! Every Webster case is IP68-certified, meaning it can block out water and dirt. It’s also shockproof to protect against those unavoidable drops and falls.

For those of us concerned with style and aesthetics, fear not – you won’t be getting a brick! Each case in this series comes with a stunningly unique spider-web design in nine different bright, bold and beautiful colors.

It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, so if the case breaks because of manufacturer error, you’ll get another sent to you for free.

Why not check out one of the 1,040 five-star reviews? For example, Jenny T’s product review reads, ‘The design of the case is super sleek and very appealing to look at, it has just enough ‘give’ to fit nice and snug around my phone, the screen cover is also quite nice, well worth the price!’

Case 2: Punkcase Studstar Series

Punkcase Studstar Series


Worried about little people touching your phone with sticky fingers, grubby hands or even actual mud? This is the perfect case for anyone who has particularly mucky pups. The Studstar is a dirt/shock/snow proof case that should put your mind at rest.

Designed with military like sturdiness, you’ve no reason to ever fret over the safety of your Apple device, even if your daughter drops it on the kitchen floor. Its innovative design locks out all unwanted elements whilst still making it as easy as ever for you to use.

Offering access to the phone’s buttons and headphone/charger jacks effortlessly, this ultra-slim design is stunning in a wide range of eight different colors including black, teal, purple or red.

A very happy customer left a five-star product review Punkcase for this iPhone case stating, ‘Love this case, every bit as good as my past Lifeproof cases. Maybe even a better case than Lifeproof for less money!’ So, at a modest $39.98 we knew it had to make the top three.

Case 3: Punkcase Ghostek Atomic 3 Series      

Punkcase Ghostek Atomic 3 Series


The Ghostek Atomic 3 is one of the best cases to get if your kids have a habit of taking your phone and chucking it across the room! Yep, seriously, it can handle that level of damage. The thick aluminum alloy bumper wraps around the edge of your phone and gives it about the toughest shield we’ve ever seen on a phone case.

But the protection doesn’t stop there. With IP68 certification, you’ll get waterproofing up to 4ft, snow, and ice proofing, AND dust, dirt and mud proofing. You’ll also get enhanced scratch-resistant screen guarding, easy access to your ports and controls, and six bright colors to choose from for your bumper. The crystal-clear back design keeps your phone as stylish as when you first ordered it, with a splash of colorr inviting fun and adventure around the edges.

It’s currently on sale for $54.89, a small price to pay to protect your iPhone 7 from tiny hands.

If you’re unsure whether or not the claimed waterproof technology will work when your kids decide your iPhone 7 is a bath toy, why not have a little search on YouTube for ‘Ghotek Atomic water test’? You’ll see how much damage liquids have on iPhone 7s vs. how protected your iPhone is when armored with one of the phone cases we’ve shown you above.

We’ve shown you enough information about these cases, now it’s your turn to be the judge. Which Punkcase will you choose?


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  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    My phone has been dropped literally thousands of times and the thing is – I drop it just as much as my kids do LOL!

    • hahaha! That seriously made me laugh so hard. It sounds like you need a case for more than just the kids! XD

  2. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    these look like awesome cases. I need a waterproof one, but I don’t have an Iphone lol

    • Sometimes I wish I didn’t have one either haha! However, the pictures they take are worth keeping it.

  3. The Spirited Sloth says:

    My step sisters have been given hand me down phones, ipods, all that fun stuff a hundred times. I swear, every single time, they just start to fail. It’s not that they drop them, I think they push the buttons too hard or get glue on them or something. They need cases like these, I think!

    • Oh yes, sticky little fingers! That’s one of the worst parts. Goopy stuff somehow gets all over it and down in them and makes it a pain to handle after that!

  4. I need to buy one of those today! My daughter is always using my cellphone lol

  5. I love phone cases. They are like an accessory to me. This one looks very functional which is a good thing.

    • Oh yeah, they’re an accessory for me as well which is why I love the ones in this post. Stylish but protective! 😉

  6. I think I would choose the Ghostek Atomic 3. I definitely need to protect my phone from my kiddos and this case looks like it does a fantastic job of it.

    • That’s a fantastic choice! It was definitely one of my favorites as well. It sure does the trick.

  7. Mandy @ A Cupful of Carters says:

    Tiny hands can be big time dangerous! Haha. Luckily my kids are out of that phase and handle with care now.

    • Oh I know! Isn’t crazy to think about such little tiny hands doing so much damage?! I don’t know how they manage it. Crazy!

  8. My daughter has her own iPHone now. And I remember within a week the screen cracked. OMG! We got it repaired but we had to make sure she got a really thick cover for it. Thanks for these suggestions!

    • I would croak if my kids broke their phone a week into owning it. However, tis life with kids!

  9. This is great I know so many parents who had a fit because their small children broke their phones. We all know these expensive smart phones are easy to shatter or get damaged by water so these are great protectors.

    • My mom still only carries a cheap flip phone and now I know why! Old habits die hard even after the kids are grown and have kids of their own! haha

  10. Fortunately everyone in our house now has their own phones. But how is it that mom’s phone always seems the most exciting to littles? This is a daily struggle.

  11. Yes…my kids can be brutal on my phone! I haven’t seen this brand before so I am definitely going to look into it!

  12. I will never forget 6 years ago my son throwing my phone into the toilet. We looked everywhere and couldn’t find it…. walk by the bathroom which was dark and see the toilet glowing. Phone was ruined. I could have used this then! Looks great, will have to check it out!

    • Oh my goodness, I know how horrible this must have felt but I can’t help but laughing. I’m sure you can laugh about the toilet glowing now. At least you didn’t pee on your own phone XD

  13. I think I probably do as much damage to a phone as a kid would!

    • I hear you on that one! That’s why my case has to cover my blunders as well haha!

  14. THis is such a good thing. You never know what kids can get into and spread onto your phone!

    • You are too right! Boy, do I have some stories to tell about my kids and our phones.

  15. My youngest thought it would be funny to take my phone and throw it across the room last year. It shattered!

    • Oh my goodness! I had a friend who’s child had an obsession with her phone and the toilet, haha.

  16. These cases look so amazing! I’m always so nervous for kids to handle my phone, haha!

    • I don’t blame you! I’m the same way. They’re too expensive to be used as toys.

  17. I need that waterproof case! My kids steal my phone and bring it to the bathroom! I worry it’s gonna go for a swim!! Eww. lol

    • I had a friend who’s child was obsessed with her phone and the toilet together, haha. I know how that goes!

  18. Thankfully, my littles are all grown up with phones of their own. These cases sure would have come in handy a few years ago though!

    • I don’t know about you, but I still use these cases because it feels like my kids rubbed off on me, haha. My poor phone.

  19. For so many parents the phone is a way to keep a small child amused for a while, I do not like my grandchildren to play with my phone and two of my daughters have given their old phones to their sons to use for games not to make calls

    • A game only phone is smart. We used to use an old one for that as well. We still put a case on it though, they are rough on phones! haha

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