Prepare Your Girl for Her First Holy Communion

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First Holy Communion dress
Being a parent of a girl who is on its way to her own First Holy Communion will have you repeating catechism lessons, thinking about clothes, shoes, camera, and hair, and assuring your child that she has nothing to worry about. You can get all the necessary answers and help, regarding the outfit, at Stylista & Co. Their experts can help you to create a stunning yet appropriate outfit for your little girl. Whether you want it to be sparkly or modest, with all accompanying accessories or without. Or even if you just need an inspiration, you can visit their site.

Pretty shoes

Sweet leatherette white ballet flats are the perfect combination of formal and elegant, and will make your little girl walk easily. Make sure they are comfortable, your daughter will likely want to wear them later on as well, not just for the First Communion. If you decide to buy leather shoes, it will mean they will last for years – maybe you will even give them to your younger daughter or a cousin afterwards.


This is a special day, and your girl wants to look and feel special. Asides from having a pretty dress and special hairstyle, she will love the idea of having some jewelry as well. To keep things simple (this is, after all, a spiritual moment) but to make her feel special, we recommend you opt for crystals and pearls: pearl earrings, bracelet, and necklace, or a simple crystal or pearl brooch to pin on her dress will make her feel like royalty and look like an angel.

Headband and Hairstyle

It is a bit unusual to have your girl wear your hair down completely, but if she insists, simply curl her hair into lovely locks and keep them off her face with a nice, crystal headband. Girls love the idea of crystal headbands because it makes them look like princesses with real crowns. On the other hand if you are concerned with the heat and fear that she will sweat under all that hair, make a nice bun or braids – it will be elegant, formal, and convenient. You can also find headbands that have veils attached, but choose the ones which are lightweight and easy to wear.

Angel-like Dress

Girls love wearing white, it makes them feel like little brides – glamorous and sophisticated at the same time. By now they should have mastered the fine manners as a genuine lady would. Talk to them and see if they would like to wear a dress a bit shorter so they shoes would show, or floor-length one. Girls formal wear is necessary, so keep the dress plain and simple: satin, lace , and cotton is the best choice. To make it a bit more glamorous but still keep it formal, add lace to the hem of both skirt and sleeves, and a satin belt. Your girl will be in love with her lovely new outfit.

The First Communion should be a happy event, and afterwards you should prepare something nice and sweet for your child: treat her nicely, prepare her favorite cake, let her admire her new, lovely dress and shoes. She will forever remember this day as a truly special one, a beginning of a long spiritual journey.

Have you ever been to a first communion?


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