The Pros and Cons of Being a Search Engine Evaluator for Leapforce

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There are good things and bad things with everything you encounter in life. Jobs are no exception. You will have good and bad days. Things you love about the job and things you’d rather not do. Working at home sounds like a breeze, but as we all know everything isn’t as easy as it seems- or is it?

The Pros for Working for Leapforce

  • Being a search engine evaluator is extremely flexible. You can work at any time work is available. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I go downstairs and work. I figure making money is better than tossing in bed, staring at the ceiling. Having no set schedule is extremely handy when you have kids running around, sport practices to go to, and things to clean (there is always something to clean, isn’t there?). I love being able to work at home while my son naps or when the kids go to bed. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on their lives and I get to contribute to the household financially. It’s nice.
  • There is only a small amount of work you have to do each month to stay active as a Leapforce agent. As long as you work at some point that month you should meet the quota. So having family vacations is a breeze. If the kids get sick you can focus on them and not worry about losing the gig.
  • The pay is great I think. I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but it’s well above what you would start at places like McDonald’s. A little less than double.
  • You can work for any amount of time. Got only five minutes? You can work for only that five minutes. Got an hour? You can do that too. If there is work and you have the time you can work.

The Cons for Working for Leapforce

  • You only get paid once a month. It would be nice to be paid twice a month, but the more important thing is that you do get paid. I submit my invoice on the 1st of the month and usually get paid around the 20th of that same month. It is direct deposit so that is nice.
  • You have to track all of your time worked-every single minute of it. I personally use Time Stamp to keep track of all my work time. It is free and easy to use. Just start the time when you start working and stop it when you stop.
  • You are an independent contractor so you have to pay your own taxes. I suggest trying to pay them quarterly online at Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.
  • There isn’t always work to do. No work means no money. This summer was slow for me. I could maybe get 40 hours a month, but it picked up last month for me. A lot of this has to do with what time you can log in. Sometimes you will get a couple tasks and then poof they are all gone. I always just keep checking the site to see if I have work available when it’s being like that. I get lucky sometimes. Refresh is my friend. For this reason if you need a steady job and have to have it to pay your bills this probably isn’t your thing. However, if you are just looking for extra or spending money this is perfect.
  • There is a good chance you will come across some malicious computer virus that could kill your computer. To prevent this make sure you have a good virus protection program. I like Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast because they are free and good. I haven’t had an attack that they couldn’t handle.
  • This job is only a contract position. You can be terminated for any reason at any point. I’ve been lucky enough to have been with them for nearly 4 years.

Overall, I think the pros far out weigh the cons. I love this job and I hope it continues for a long time. Feel free to browse around Leapforce’s Job Listings and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time or not. What do you do for extra money? Have you found ways to make money online? Please share.


Krystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM – put her psychology degree on a shelf and dived into a pile of diapers and dishes instead. She is a wife and mother to two rambunctious boys, sweating it out in her Texas hometown. She loves cooking, DIY home projects, and family fun activities.


  1. Kelly Wade says:

    I think its awesome for moms to be able to work from home. Because my mom was a single parent and I was always with babysitters, I strive to be able to be home for my kids but definitely want to be able to contribute the the household income. Getting paid once a month must stink sometimes, but definitely better than nothing! Cool post.

    • It is very nice being able to work at home. When I was a child though I would have rathered my mom worked considering she was an alcoholic. It’s not too bad getting paid once a month. We just have to budget things a certain way.

  2. Thanks for the info and I will be sure to check out some of the links, especially the one for TimeStamp. I’ve found doing freelance editing work from home to be quite lonely and the transition from the classroom has taken much getting used to. In the end though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world as my stress level is now much better!

    • I can totally see how that tranision would take some time to get used to. You will get there though or maybe you could do part time in the classroom and part at home.

  3. Found your blog on SITS and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been looking for ways to work from home so I can have more time with our son. Thanks for the great info! XO-Bri

  4. It’s nice that you found a job that has the flexibility to still stay home with your kids.

  5. Susan Cooper says:

    It is wonderful to be able to find something that fits your schedule. As with anything, there is always pros and cons attached. Great indepth article. 🙂

  6. Patti Hale says:

    It’s great to find first hand accounts from those who work from home! There has been interest on my FB page about search engine evaulation jobs so I will be sharing this article on there. Any tips as to how to get this kind of job? It seems to be pretty competitive.

    • I would greatly appreciate it if you shared this! As for tips I personally think they have some kind of software that looks for keywords in the resume you submit. I would suggest using keywords from the job listing in your resume 🙂

  7. Don’t forget students!! This is perfect for students! I’m still being processed for this job right now. Can’t wait to start. The test was long and hard, but this post makes me feel like it was worth it. I’m a junior in college and at this point my part time job may even be to much for me to keep up with. This job is perfect to do between study breaks.

  8. I wish this type of work had steady work so that I can use it as a primary source of income. Other than that, this job would be such a great fit for me.

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