Protecting Kids from Environmental Risks

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“Children are resilient” is a common assumption among American adults. However, when it comes to health and well-being, kids are not as resilient as most people think. In fact, they are more vulnerable to environmental exposures because their bodies are still developing. They eat, drink and breathe more in proportion to their size, and their behavior exposes them more easily to environmental hazards.

Parents can do many things to protect their kids from dangerous chemicals, organisms and toxins. Keeping the home clean and free of dust, mold and smoke can help children breathe easier. Testing the home for lead, mercury, radon, carbon monoxide and other contaminants can help prevent poisoning and illness.

While outdoor playtime is important, too much sun can harm children. Parents can protect their kids from damaging sun exposure by keeping infants out of direct sunlight and limiting playtime in the mid-day sun. Hats, sunglasses and protective clothes can shield children from the sun’s harmful effects, and a good sunscreen can protect exposed areas of skin.

Many clothing companies understand how the environment can harm children, and their products address the need for protection. Companies like Momo Baby sell quality maternity and children’s clothes that are safe, efficient and radiation proof. Rubber-soled sneakers, sandals and rain boots are made with lightweight, breathable leather to protect children’s feet from dirty surface materials. Anti-radiation maternity clothes protect babies from cell phones, computers, microwaves and other radiation hazards.

Protecting kids from environmental risks is fundamental to the health and well-being of children. The above suggestions are just some of the ways that parents can protect their kids. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website offers additional tips to help adults promote healthier communities for their children.


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  1. This is so ironic, Krystle, because I use the “resilient” comment regarding children allllll of the time. And your post is 100% spot on about how vulnerable they truly are as their little bodies are building up those defense mechanisms! Good job here, our friend! 🙂

    • Thanks Mike! My kids are def resilient yet vulnerable. Although sometimes I wonder if they make adults less resilient and more vulnerable. My oldest just accidentally pull a blanket and popped a phone directly into my eye. I will be surprised if it’s not black tomorrow.

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