PullyPup Hands Free Dog Leash Review

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Walking more than one dog can be difficult. Very difficult! One dog wants to go here and another wants to go there. Your leashes become all entwined making you trip over yourself. It’s no fun!

Other times it would be nice to be able to use your hands for some other than dog leashes. Trying to clean up their mess while holding three separate leashes is a chore! Makes you wish you had more hands.

Well, you may not have more hands but you do have a waist. Instead of a traditional dog leash that you hold with your hands the PullyPup Hands Free Dog Leash goes around your waist. This is a life saver! The PullyPup Dog Leash has a nice thick adjustable belt that is comfortable to wear with two D rings on it. The rings are used to connect the nice and stretchy leash. The stretch allows give so you aren’t being pulled over. If you decide to let your dog run free you can clip the end of the leash that goes to your dog to the belt. This way you are still hands free! 

I love that the PullyPup Dog Leash comes with a pouch that’s perfect for my phone.  And that there’s a loop close to the dog’s collar so you can keep your dog extra close when need be – like crossing the street. The loop is also reflective making night time walks a breeze!hands free dog leash

Overall, I would highly recommend the PullyPup Hands Free Dog Leash to owners of medium to large dogs and owners of multiple dogs. This leash would also be ideal for runners. This is the only dog leash that will allow you to walk your dog and text at the same time!

Do you have any tips on walking multiple dogs?


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