Quality Source Products Expandable Hose Review

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expandable hose


As you may know we just moved into a new house. As a welcome gift to our new house my grandmother has been planting all kinds of plants and trees everywhere. I never knew just how hard of work landscaping is. Really hard! I still hurt from pulling up sod yesterday for a plant bed but my 82 year old grandmother is go, go, go. She sometimes gardens all day meanwhile I’m beat after a couple hours.

Now that we have all these new plants they are going to need a good watering especially since we live in Texas. And with no sprinkle system being installed this year watering will be by hand and with a regular sprinkler. Thankfully my husband and I have found the perfect tool for the job – the Expandable Hose.

Quality Source Products Expandable Hose is awesome!! It’s SO much lighter than a regular hose which makes a huge difference when watering by hand all the way across the lawn. I love that it takes up WAY less space than a regular hose too especially since my husband usually just leaves it laying somewhere. This is nice and compact!

Plus it doesn’t kink!! And it trails back to the spigot when you turn off the water. We had the hose stretched out completely across our yard and when the water was turned off it made it about half way by to the spigot itself. Nice! The less I have to carry the better!!

The only problem I had wasn’t necessarily with the hose itself but rather the service. I was supposed to receive a 100ft hose but received a 75ft one instead. Apparently the stickers on the box were wrong which said it was 100ft but the box itself was for the 75ft one. So Amazon thought they were giving me what I ordered but it turned out wrong because of the stickers.

Overall, I would highly recommend Quality Source Products Expandable Hose. It’s great!! My husband already wants to replace our other old hoses with this kind. He was all giddy testing it out!

Have you ever tried an expandable hose before?


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