Raising Kids Who Care About Charity

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Raising Kids Who Care About Charity

How to Get Kids Involved in Charity

A family which serves their community is a family which both reaps and serves the benefits of charity. With the busyness of modern family life and the daily rush that most people deal with, people may forget about the importance of serving their communities.

However, families who take the time to serve their communities and remain committed to their local areas’ improvements often enjoy knowing that they have made a difference in the lives of their fellow community members. Those who want to raise their children to follow in their community service footsteps are encouraged to take these suggestions into mind.

Emphasize Volunteerism

Children can be exposed to giving and volunteering early. In fact, many parents take along their infants when they volunteer at community Thanksgiving dinners, sort groceries at the local food bank, or fold clothes at the community clothing pantry. Children who are exposed to volunteerism early grow up thinking that this behavior is entirely natural and part of a responsible person’s life.

Children may be more than willing to volunteer when they think that’s what you are supposed to do. Families can serve their communities by raising children to realize that, for instance, while new toys are nice, giving toys to those who are less fortunate feels good too.

Make Donations

Children who are brought up to donate to those who are less fortunate also grow up appreciating what they themselves have. Their parents can encourage them to donate toys they have outgrown, clothing they no longer wear, non-perishable food, and other needed items to people who are in less favorable living conditions.

What if your child isn’t ready to part with any of their toys? You can still teach a valuable lesson by buying toys for infants, toddlers, and older children and then donate those brand new toys to shelters and the like.

When children are taught to donate early, they often continue to donate to their communities as they grow up and become adults.

Shop at Community-Oriented Stores

Many communities have cooperative stores that benefit the entire area. All of the profits from these stores are given back to the local area and used for the common good of all residents. Parents can encourage their kids to shop at these stores before they shop at national chain retailers.

You can also buy children’s toys at stores, both online and off, that make it a point to do good in the community. They may partner with charities, donate money and toys, or hire disabled employees.

When children realize that their money is going to help others in their city, even their own classmates and friends, they may take pride in this form of community service.

Volunteer to Clean Up and Keep your Community Clean

raking leaves for charity

Kids today have so many distractions in their lives. Their parents may have them playing so many sports or engaged in so many activities that they lack the time to focus on anything else. When they are not playing sports or engaging in their extracurricular activities, kids are often plugged into their mobile devices.

When parents want to reinforce community activism, however, they can all go together as a family to clean up the city streets, rake leaves, pick up garbage, plant flowers, or do other small service projects that make the community look better. Kids who take on these projects with their moms and dads may continue the tradition with their own children later.


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  1. The rural school I used to teach at took the half day before Thanksgiving break to rakes leaves in the yards around the small town. It was a lot of fun, and taught the students about the sense of community that can come from volunteering.

  2. I believe it is never to early to teach children about charity. A great one is the one you mention about children donating their toys or even their old clothes. It teaches them that everyone needs help from time to time and it is okay to help out. 🙂

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