Three Reasons Coated Tablecloths are the Top Choice for Busy Moms

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Dining Room Table

Being a mother can mean dealing with mess. Even though you may try to keep the house clean, kids are notoriously messy creatures and will undoubtedly end up turning your house upside down. There are thankfully a number of measures that you can take in order to prevent this, or at least make it easier to clean up for when guests pop over. One of the best inventions for many parents is the coated tablecloth. The coated tablecloth is usually covered in some kind of laminate. There are a lot of different benefits to having one, so it is a good idea to see just how they can help you when you want to keep your home spick and span.

Looking Good

Whether you have your table in the kitchen or the dining room, you are going to want it to look good. Coated tablecloths come in a whole range of different colors and designs. There are lots of different choices out there which suit everyone, and therefore it is a good idea to consider these choices. Take a look at an online tablecloth shop and see what designs will suit your kitchen. Since coated tablecloths happen to be so popular, you will undoubtedly find a style that is going to suit your kitchen.

Easy to Clean

This is one of the best reasons to get a coated tablecloth. There is no doubt that children -and even adults- spill things from time to time. Children often tend to spill more, so with a coated tablecloth all you will have to do is wipe up whatever was spilled. This makes the process of cleaning up after dinner all the more easier. You can also just take it off the table and shake it out, before giving it a quick wipe. You do not have to bother putting it in the washing machine or waiting for it to try. All you will need to do is just grab a cloth and clean up whatever mess you happen to find on the cloth.

Outdoor Use and More

Of course, there are going to be times when you want to have a nice tablecloth on the dinner table. This is usually going to be for when guests arrive, or when you have a special occasion to celebrate. In cases like this, you can simply put the fancy tablecloth over the coated one. This means that if you want to change, all you can do is just take off the regular tablecloth. Coated tablecloths are also going to be great for outdoors, and are usually a more logical choice for when it comes to things like barbecues and birthday parties. As well as this, they are a lot more sturdy than the cloth variety.

With all of these reasons, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get at least one or two coated tablecloths. They can help to make all the different.

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  1. I have never been a fan of pvc or as you say coated tableclothes I prefer one that I can take off and throw in the washing machine but they are had to find mostly you see the pvc type

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    Since I have no more little ones in the house, I use fabric table cloths for my dining room and kitchen table. When I entertain and there are children around I have a collection of coated table clothes. I especially love them outside. 🙂

    • I can never use cloth ones unless I don’t mind them getting dirty. Most days I don’t use any type of table cloth but use a mat I can wipe instead or nothing since one of the tables is marble and can’t get hurt too easily.

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