How to Restring Drawstrings with the EZstringer Review & Giveaway [Ended]

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ezstringerI am the only female in a house full of boys (unless you count my two cats). Being around boys all of the time I’ve gotten used to bugs, bad aiming in the bathroom, and a lot of sports. With a lot of sports come a lot of sport shorts and pants. Usually these type of shorts/pants come with a drawstring closure. Not to mention my husband lives in these when he is not in his work clothes so I am in drawstring city most of the time. Have you ever had a drawstring get loose and come out? It is nearly impossible to replace it. Something flimsy like a drawstring can’t be shoved back into those holes. It just can’t happen. Enter the Ezstringer.

The EZstringer makes it possible to restring drawstrings. Yay! Now I don’t have to just ignore the missing drawstring or take the lazy way out and just get rid of the shorts/pants/jackets.

1. Hold the drawstring over the EZstringer and pull it into the grabscoop.

2. Pull the drawstring till you can’t pull it any further.


3. Insert the opposite end of the EZstringer into one of the drawstring holes and feed it until it comes out the other hole. Be careful not to pull the EZstringer too hard or the drawstring will pop out of the EZstringer. I had to feed my drawstring through a couple of times because I was having a macho attack apparently. Just feed it through gently and you will be golden.


The EZstringer allowed me restring a pair of my husband’s sport shorts in less than a minute and it really was quite easy once I got the hang of using it. This product will save me a bundle since now I don’t have to buy new pairs of shorts/pants/jackets just because the drawstring came out. Now I can just restring them myself with the EZstringer. It is also nice that there are three different sizes of the EZstringer so I can also restring smaller items like my two year old’s clothing. I can so see him just yanking the strings out for fun. What do you do with drawstrings that come out of clothing? Do you try to restring them yourself?

To learn more about this product or to buy a 12 pack of replacement drawstrings for $9.98 please visit our sponsor at or on Facebook.

The nice folks at EZstringer have given me an extra set to giveaway to you. Lucky you! An entry into this giveaway gives you a chance to win a small, medium, and large EZstringer and 5 drawstrings of various colors. This giveaway is taking place on Facebook because Home Jobs by MOM does not offer liking a Facebook Page as an extra entry into their giveaways due the research I have done on their promotion rules.

Who Can Enter: Anyone 18 years old or older that lives in the 50 United States

Timing: Starts June 4, 2012 and ends June 14, 2012 at 12:01am

To enter this giveaway


To get as many entries as possible follow all of the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget. Happy entering!

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  1. Interesting I just use a saftey pin that I pin to the end of the replacement drawstring and and thread it through that way, it is how my mum taught me to do it…………

  2. I have never seen these before. I usually use a large safety pin attached to the drawstring and push that through to re-insert the drawstring. It works pretty good but this might be easier. As sometimes the safety pin can get caught going through or worse yet open up if you squeeze too hard.

    • Hmm. I don’t think I could do it that way. I thought about maybe a bent up clothes hanger before this product but I’d probably just end up stabbing a hole through the garment that way lol.

  3. Bindhurani says:

    I never used that product. I usually use a safety pin without much trouble.

    • I have to look up this safety pin thing so I know what everyone is talking about. I am lost since I cannot picture it.

  4. liberty boblett says:

    I would use a wooden chopstick to push thing thru…Kinda awkward, this would be a lot better!

  5. Heather Turner says:

    I wouldnt. I would claim it was a fashion statement. heh.

  6. Denise C says:

    I just considered it a lost cause!

  7. Denise C says:

    The best thing that happened to me today…..finding out my husband is coming home early 🙂


    I have never used this product before

  9. I used a safety pin before EZstringer

  10. Best thing that happened to me today was getting the mail! I love good mail days 🙂

  11. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    I used safety pins or duct tape and a chop stick. both took quite a while to work through the tunnel

  12. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    the best thing that happened today is seeing so many friends when I went grocery shopping today. For some one who doesn’t get out of the house much these are exciting.

  13. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    safety pin one end and slowly work it through
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  14. Sue Bunting says:

    A safety pin small enough to fit in the hole.

  15. Sue Bunting says:

    the best thing that happened today is my daughter got so wore out playing with the other kids she fell asleep 2 hours before her bedtime all ready for bed!

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