Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag Review

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sacko lunch bag

Last week there was A LOT of much needed rain but this week is looking nice so far. SO nice that we decided to have a picnic at Guadalupe River State Park last night. Sandwiches just taste better when they’re being eaten at a picnic (despite the gnats).
state park
I packed us a simple picnic in my Sacko Large Insulated Lunch Bag. We had sandwiches, strawberries, chips, and some cookies. Let me tell you this is a huge lunch bag! So huge that I packed 5 sandwiches each in plastic containers, four 20 ounce Big Red bottles, and 3 ice packs in it’s main compartment. Most of the plastic sandwich containers weren’t small either they were good sized Plastic Bento Lunch Boxes. This lunch bag was the perfect size for them. Often other lunch bags don’t have the width for these wider containers but this lunch bag does!
lunch bag
The Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag is great for outings with multiple people. It is definitely meant to carry more than just one person’s lunch (but you can totally do so if you wish). So pack lunch for the whole family, take your kid’s sports team snack and capri suns – this bag can hold it!

It also features a double zipper, a front zipper pocket, elastic on the side to hold drinks, and an adjustable should strap so anyone can carry it. There’s also a side handle if you prefer to carry it that way. The outside of the Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag can easily be wiped cleaned just as the inside.

My only con with this bag was that the first time using it one of the zippers broke. So now I can only close the bag going one way instead of both. I looked at the teeth of the zipper and it looks like one got bent or broke causing the zipper to come off track. This possibly could of happen from having too much weight in the lunch sack but for now I can still use the bag with the other zipper.

Overall, this is a great lunch bag that holds a lot of stuff. Perfect for those that need something larger than just the standard sized bag.

Do you like picnics?


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  1. Back in my day lunch boxes were not insulated and that sucked it mean you ended up with warm food for lunch and have to say I hated it

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