How to Save Money on the Video Games Your Kids Have to Have

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Video games can be incredibly awesome ways for your kids to pass the time on dreary days, and even meet new people online that share their interests. The only problem is that video games can expensive, especially during the holiday season. But before you start giving up buying groceries to buy video games, there are a few ways that the resourceful mom can get her kids the games they want without spending a ton of money.

Renting Video Games

In most cases, your kids want video games that they have never played. They have seen the awesome commercials on the television or advertising on the Internet, but they have no clue what the game really is. The cheapest way to avoid buying brand new games that your kids lose interest in after a couple of hours is to get a subscription to a video game rental service. You can get games in any format you need at a low monthly rate, and your kids can try the games before you buy them.

Download Video Games

Playing free games online is a great way to save money.  If your kids absolutely have to have that newest game the day it comes out and renting the game is not good enough, then you can get the PC download version of the game and save more than half off the retail purchase price. For instance, your kids can play online bingo as a free download option.

Trade Video Games

If you have a game that your kids no longer want, then you could try and see how much the local video game store will give you for the game. The chances are pretty good that you will only get offered a fraction of what you paid for the game. A smarter move is to find a good video game trading website and offer to trade that game to someone who has a game that your kids want. You only pay for the postage, and your kids get a new game to play. You can also set up a network of local parents to swap games with as well.

Buy Used Video Games

It could be argued that the market for used video games is almost as large as the new game market. Your favorite online auction website has pages and pages of used video games for sale, and there are also websites dedicated specifically to the process of buying and selling used video games. These websites can save you money when you buy used games, and you can also use these sites to sell your kids old games and get a lot more than the retail store down the street would give you.

If your kids love video games, then you need to be creative with how you buy games. There are plenty of ways to get the games your kids want without spending a small fortune.

What is you kid’s favorite video game?


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  1. You are so right I can remember my daughters boyfriend renting games all the time when he lived here and my nephew will often trade his games in on new games when he is tired of them…………….

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    What wonderful ideas to help parents save money on video games. Perfect post for the time of year we are in. 🙂

    • Thanks! I wish my son didn’t like video games as much as he does. I miss the good ol’ days of playing outside and with regular toys. We have to limit his time otherwise he’d do nothing else.

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