Seafood and Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli and Olives Recipe #MakeItYourMichelinas

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Since eating out can add up very quickly my husband has decided to bring his lunch to work everyday (or at least when he thinks about it). Bringing his own lunch will be much more cost effective for our budget saving on food as well as gas. He is not really the pack your lunch in a brown bag type so he’s decided to take frozen dinners to work. There’s no need make frozen meals the boring old fashion way by just popping them in the microwave. They can be new and exciting by adding your own flare to them. Take my Seafood and Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli and Olives Recipe for example.


I microwaved about 1/2 to 1 cup of sliced black olives, crab meat, and shrimp with a tablespoon of butter for about a minute or until the butter was partially melted. This could be premade in a microwave safe container and taken to work to add that flare to your frozen meal.


I prepared Michelina’s Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken & Broccoli and Fettuccine Alfredo as directed on their boxes. I then combined the two cooked  Michelina’s meals and stirred in the seafood/olive mixture. With a dash of salt, pepper, parsley, and a sprinkled of parmesan cheese my creation was complete.IMG_3892

Let me tell you this totally did not taste like a frozen meal. Those added ingredients boosted the meal up to homemade quality food. It was totally delicious and would totally feed two adults (or several children or a combo of the two). I was starving though and scarfed the whole thing down myself!

How would you make it your Make It Your Michelina’s? I think mushrooms would be divine in this meal as well. I bet my kids would be in love with the Franks ‘n’ Cheese recipe. Totally need to try that!

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  1. I find some frozen meals can be quite nice others are terrible

    • I totally agree. I love michelangelo’s eggplant parmesean. I just found it the other day after the store stopped carrying it several years ago.

  2. Krystle, you are spot on that you can do a lot of really simple tweaks to frozen meals to take them to an entirely new level! I agree with you on the mushrooms but I wouldn’t have changed a thing to what you did. Great job, and oh my gosh that looks sooooo delicious! I don’t blame you for devouring it all by yourself 🙂

  3. Susan Cooper says:

    It is so great when we can add budget frozen meals with a homemade twist. I absolutely agree how much nicer it is save money and eat something homemade. 🙂

  4. These so very delicious! Thanks for sharing, I think I’m going to go find me some of these and try them out myself! 🙂

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