Before You Share The Keys: Teaching Your Teen To Drive

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Teaching your children about driving involves a lot more than simply telling them about the rules of the road. Instead, you need to give them real world experience, and it is also imperative to ensure that they understand that basics of keeping a vehicle properly maintained and operational. Therefore, before you consider handing over your keys for their first solo drive, you should take the time to carefully go over several vital tips.

Six Things Every New Driver Should Know

1. How to Handle an Accident – Even though every parent is hopeful that their teenage driver will not get into an accident, it is negligent to avoid discussing how to deal with a traffic incident. After all, if your teen does not know that they need to stay at the scene, call the police and contact you so that you can file a report with your insurance agent, then they could end up dealing with a much more serious situation. Keep in mind that failure to stop and report an accident could lead to hit-and-run charges.

2. How to Check the Oil Level – Many teenage drivers have absolutely no idea how important oil is for a car’s engine. Unfortunately, if you do not make sure that they understand that they must check the vehicle’s oil level on a regular basis, you could end up getting your car back with a seriously damaged engine.

3. The Proper Way to Pump Gas – Instead of assuming that your teenager will read the signs that are posted at each gas station, you should take the time to explain to them why they should never leave their engine running or talk on their cell phone while they are pumping gas.

4. How to Change a Tire – One of your vehicle’s tires could go flat at any time, so it is imperative for your teen to know how to put the spare tire on. If you fail to teach them this necessary skill, they could end up either stranded or injured due to putting the tire on incorrectly.

5. How to Deal with being Pulled Over – Your teenager needs to understand the proper procedure that accompanies being pulled over, and they should also be familiar with the location of the vehicle’s registration and insurance paperwork. Make sure that you discuss the importance of turning the radio off and addressing the officer with respect.

6. Put the Cell Phone Away – There are several apps that you can install on your teen’s phone that will prevent them from taking or making calls while the vehicle is in motion. Because of this, there is no excuse for letting them get into an accident because they were distracted by their cell phone. According to one accident attorney Houston based website, if you are found to have caused the accident due to being distracted, you will take the blame for the incident. Make sure your teen knows the severity of the consequences of using a phone while driving.

After you have discussed all of these important points with your teenager, you should have them showcase that they know how to utilize them. For example, it is definitely a good idea to have them practice changing a tire. Unfortunately, no matter how many tips you give your teen, it is still possible that they will end up in an accident. If this happens, you should strongly consider retaining an accident attorney.

This guest post was written by Melanie Fleury. She has 4 children that she will have to teach to drive. She writes this article in hopes that new teens on the road will know what to do in the unfortunate case of an accident. An accident attorney Houston website gives important information on how and what to do should you find yourself in this situation.



  1. I have taught 6 people how to drive and you know I didn’t think about some of these, like how to deal with an accident or how to deal with being pulled over or how to change a tyre which was my bad. I did teach how to put fuel in the car and that they should keep their mobile phone in the back seat if they think they will be tempted to use it, that is what I do put it in the back seat although the desire to answer the phone when it rings is no longer there but years ago when they first came out I would reach for it as soon as it rang even if I was driving………

    • Wow, that’s a lot of people to have taught. I also think that they make app nowadays that make receiving calls/texts in the car impossible. Also, it’s nice that more and more cars are starting to have built in phones that Bluetooth over the speakers.

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