How to Keep Sheets on the Bed: Sheet Suspenders Review

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sheet suspenders

Ever since I was a child sleeping has always been one of my favorite things. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I would stay up late watching TV or talking on the phone then sleep till 2pm like most teenagers. Maybe because I used sleep as an escape from my alcoholic mother. I would sometimes take a sleeping pill and then play rain music on my boom box to drown her out when she was having one of those nights (which was often). I’ve just always found solace in the comfort of my bed. It’s just so cozy, warm, and safe.

I don’t get nearly as much sleep these days with two boys (well, three if you count the hubs) in tow. One thing I have noticed as an adult is that I dislike waking up to my fitted sheets all in shambles. Have you ever noticed after probably a bad nights sleep where you’ve been tossing all night that your fitted sheet pops up and is no longer where it should be. I hate that! My mattress is isn’t in the best shape having been moved five times or something. I prefer to keep it’s sheets on it!

Luckily, there are products like Sheet Suspenders. Sheet Suspenders ($19) are different than other sheet straps that only go at the corners. Sheet Suspenders clamp from one corner of the bed to the other in a cris X cross pattern securely keeping your sheets in place. The straps are adjustable from about 4-6ft so it can fit any sized mattress even odd ones like in boats.

Let me be honest I had some concern of “How in the world am I going to get these clips on!?” when thinking about my 5’3 frame lifting a king sized mattress. In reality though, I had no trouble putting my Sheet Suspenders on my king mattress. I just clamped a Sheet Suspender at one sheet corner, pulled it while its under the mattress to the opposite corner, and clamped that corner. Then did the same thing to the other corners. Easy! Of course this is even easier with two people. So keep an extra hand within reach when breaking out this product for the first time (if possible).

sheet suspenders criss cross

The nylon woven elastic straps and nickel plated clamps feel very durable yet gentle. I have not noticed any damage to my sheet while using Sheet Suspenders. And most importantly I wake up to sheets exactly where they should be!


Now if I only could wake up to the house being magically cleaned and the kids having perfect attitudes. Hehe, I might have to go back to dreaming for that one!

Do your fitted sheet come off at night?


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