Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Here lately I have been listening to music a lot more than I use to. Before I would really only hear music while I was driving but now I like to listen to it while I’m cleaning. I can’t always do this though because there are other people’s ears to consider.

Thankfully, with products like Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds I can listen to whatever I want and no one is the wiser. These Bluetooth earbuds connect to you phone in a snap with a simple pairing process. Once your earbuds are connected you are able to answer your phone from it. For me these earbuds sent out sound better than they received. It was like the person on the other end was way far away from the microphone but you could still hear them.

As for ear fit we had so much trouble. I just don’t think they were made for mine or my husband’s ears. My husband couldn’t get his to lock and I had to jam them in my ear to get them to stay. My ears only could take them being in my ear so long before they hurt. But on the bright side music came through nicely. I even tested them outside while playing soccer and the sound quality was great. The only trouble outside was when the wind would hit my ears – that messed with the sound.

ear bud buttonsThese earbuds come very nicely package is a zipper case and include several useful accessories. There are different ear locks and covers as well as a charging cord. They are SO attractive too. The lime green and black is so sporty!

ear bud set

Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are very attractive earbuds that allow you to listen to music or take phone calls without the tangle of cords! They are very practical and come in handy!!

Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?


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  1. Never heard of these but they sound interesting

  2. These look like great earbuds. Don’t you just hate when you are exercising or trying to do something and they keep falling out? So annoying. These look like they’d be a perfect solution.

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