Skinny Jane’s Skinny Blend Protein Shake Review

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skinny blendSwimsuit season is almost here. Can you believe it!? I’m so excited. Not so much for swimming but because it means the warm weather is here to stay. It’s been one of the worst winters we’ve had in a while and like most people I am happily welcoming the sun.

Warmer weather does mean swimsuits for some and the yearning to be thinner to look better in them. Some people will do simple exercise routines to try to lose weight while others will join weight loss programs like weight watchers and Nutrisystem to look their best.

I recently was introduced to Skinny Jane’s Skinny Blend Protein Shake. I tried the vanilla flavor but they also have chocolate, strawberry, and banana. I choose vanilla because I figured if I didn’t like the taste I could add in some frozen fruit and make it way better.

Included with my 7 day sample of Skinny Blend was the Skinny Jane 7 Day Challenge where they say you can lose 5-10 pounds. I tried this plan out for about 5 days although with life getting in the way I did have some alterations. During the time I did participate in the challenge I lost about 3 pounds. Not too bad considering I altered a lot and didn’t complete the challenge. Epic fail.

DAYS 1-7 of the challenge consist of:


Skinny Blend Shake – Mix 8oz skim milk with one packet of Skinny Blend or for a smoothie consistency use  6oz skim milk with 4-6 ice cubes, packet of Skinny Blend, and blend in blender.

My Alterations: I didn’t have skim milk so I used 2% milk. I always made mine a smoothie as I am not a fan of the texture of mixing protein powders straight into liquids. One of the days I also added the cup of berries (frozen) and cool whip (mine wasn’t the light version) from the 3pm snack into the smoothie instead of eating the snack. This made the protein shake even better!


1oz pistachios or celery with 1 tbsp. natural peanut butter (I used regular peanut butter) and 1 cup green tea


1/4 cup almonds, 1 apple, 1 string cheese, and 1 cup green tea.

My Alternations: I didn’t have almonds so I ate pistachios instead.


1 cup berries, 2tbsp light cool whip, and a cup of water.


4-6 lean meat or fish, 1-2 cups steamed veggies, and 1 cup decaf green tea.

My Alterations: One day we were out because of the kid’s sports and so I ate grilled chicken and green beans from KFC.

Overall I think the challenge was pretty easy to follow. I liked all of the foods listed and I was always snacking so I was never that hungry (most of the time). Come dinner time though I was ready to eat and did wish there was more food when I was done. Come on who wouldn’t? It takes time to retrain your eating habits. Much longer than a week. Luckily, the purpose of this review was to just taste Skinny Blend and see what I thought.

The Vanilla Skinny Blend Protein Shake didn’t taste too bad by itself considering it’s high nutritional value. High nutritional value equals a lot of vitamins which can taste quite bad at times.

I’ve had worst tasting protein shakes than Skinny Blend. This one reminded me of my childhood. When I was a kid and visited my grandparents my grandpa always had Vanilla Ensure in the fridge. I would sometimes drink it with him to “help me grow big and strong”. The Vanilla Skinny Blend Shake tastes very similar to this which is a good thing! It tastes good considering it’s a protein shake.

Protein shakes are typically used for those trying to lose weight by replacing a meal. Skinny Blend is no different other than it does have time release protein that keeps you fuller for longer. It also contains a blend of 7 proteins, fiber, and healthy oils that help you lose weight by nourishing your body, giving you energy, and decreasing your appetite. One serving of Skinny Blend has just 100 calories, only 1 gram of sugar, 3 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Skinny Blend is $39.99 for 30 shakes. To learn more about Skinny Jane and their weight lost products please visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have a favorite protein shake or weight loss program?

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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