Increasing Productivity: Work at Home Tips for New Mothers

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With more moms working from home than ever before, these ladies are now invited to consider all of the ways that they can work better from home without compromising their productivity or creativity. When working from home is combined with taking care of a little one, it is only reasonable that a mother take her motherly duties into consideration as she designs the perfect work-at-home space for her home-based career.

When a woman knows that she has everything in place for her busy work and family life, she can focus on her work tasks with the assurance that her baby will be well cared for too. As a mom thinks about what conveniences she needs to have on hand in her home and office, she may take these suggestions into mind.

Baby Equipment in the Home Office

Unlike her out-of-home working counterparts, a home-based mom can enjoy having baby furniture in her office for her little one’s use and comfort. A useful baby swing or a strategically placed crib or bassinet can provide her baby with resting areas while she works on her assignments. As her baby grows older, a work-at-home mother can bring in a play yard or play gym for her baby’s amusement. These distractions can provide this busy mom with ample time to get her work done.

Multi-Tasking with Nursing Pillows

Moms who breastfeed know the importance of keeping on schedule with their babies’ feeding demands. If a mom waits too long to nurse her baby, her infant could grow cranky, and her breasts could become engorged, causing infections. Even worse, irregular feedings could cause a mother’s breast milk to dry up altogether. When a home-based mom wants to nurse without interruption, she can use nursing pillows while she works in her office. Having a nursing pillow on hand can let this mom work while also knowing that her baby is getting the food he needs to be healthy.

A Part-Time In-Home Babysitter

A mom who works from home may have more cause to hire a part-time babysitter than a mom who works outside of the home. When a home-based mother needs to focus on vital work tasks without being interrupted by the baby, a mother can hire a babysitter to come to her house for a few hours a day to take care of the baby while she works. This convenience can give a mom the satisfaction of remaining on task with her work while also knowing that her baby is being taken care of nearby in the home.

Flexible Work Hours

Many work-at-home moms choose to be home-based so that they can be on hand for their infants. Rather than hire a babysitter, these moms may consider adjusting their work schedules to be more flexible if possible. If they can, these ladies may take on at-home positions that allow for flexibility and ease of scheduling. This convenience can let them work around their babies’ sleeping and eating schedules.

The perks of working from home abound for today’s home-based moms. They can enjoy limitless productivity and freedom when they take these baby care and working tips in mind.

Amy Williams is a journalist and mother in Southern California.


  1. I admire any mom who can work from home since I can barely seem to focus when I’m freelancing without barely any distractions 😉

  2. 40 years ago the idea of a mom working from home was unheard of. I’m glad for the flexibility that moms have today.

  3. Susan Cooper says:

    I admire anyone who can manage working from home, much less with children around. It isn’t easy in any case, but when you add children and a spouse, it can be a serious challenge. Nevertheless is can be done when boundaries are set. 🙂

    • Yes, kids throw a wrench into things but it is so worth it. They are only young once. Enjoyed your interview on Jeri’s site 🙂

  4. I love working from home, but personally I couldn’t start until my youngest started kindergarten last year. I just couldn’t balance the two things at the same time, and my wholehearted respect goes to those mommies who can nurse a baby while working at the computer! Today I’ve got one home with a fever, and it was such a relief to not have to call in sick to a job in order to stay home with her.

  5. Great advice. I just want to add, be aware that any time you claim your home office on your taxes you are not suppose to have anything that is not business related. Which is a bit crazy I know. I just don’t use my office as a tax exemption, it’s too stressful so not worth it.

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