Soy Wax Vs. Paraffin Wax + Old Factory Natural Soy Candles Review

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I’m not exactly sure what I think of when I think of soy. Probably soy milk. Lactose intolerance. I’ve tried that Silk stuff and just wasn’t a fan. Yet, I like tofu in miso soup. Go figure.

Soy products are actually created from the soybean. This didn’t really cross my mind until recently. Most people use vegetable oil for one thing or another and guess what!? It’s made from soybeans!

I would have never thought to turn a bean into a milk or things like tofu, but vegetarians and lactose intolerant people need their protein too. I bow down to those smart people!

To add to this amazement soy can be used for SO many things: flour, baby formula, meal, soap, crayons, and more. Even candles.

In the past, one type of candle wax was essentially hardened oils or fats. A long time ago they used the fat of whales to make candles. Can we say gross!?

Luckily, today most candles are paraffin wax. Well, if you consider something made from refined petroleum or coal lucky. I’m a huge candle fan but now knowing what most candles are made from makes me a little weary. Especially since it is something I will be breathing. Paraffin candles produce soot which isn’t particularly lung friendly.

A much better alternative I think is soy wax that is made from soybean oil (or even beeswax candles). They just sounds more natural and healthier. Also, soybean oil is a renewable source unlike coal or petroleum making it much more cost effective in the long run.

vacation old factory candles

Late last year I was introduced to Old Factory Candles. They are a candle company that produces one of a kind hand-poured natural soy wax candles. Each made in the USA candle has self-trimming cotton wicks and are scented with premium fragrance oils. Old Factory Candles burn clean and even. Not lopsided and sooty like some other candles.

I was lucky enough to try out one of their candle gift sets ($25). Each Old Factory Candles gift set included three different scented candles revolving around a centralized theme.

My gift set theme was “Vacation”. It included candles scented as Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, and Awapuhi. They smell lovely! While I am writing this my room is being filled with the wonderful scent of Awapuhi. It smells kind of tropical but clean. It’s very relaxing and potent which I like. I hate when you buy scented candles that do not smell.

These candles smell very pleasant and can easily scent a whole room. I also love the little jars they come. They have a paper bag type label which is perfect to compliment the ever so popular farmhouse rustic style going on. Great with all that burlap Pinterest has been sporting.

When blown out these candles do put off a smoke for a couple seconds. I’ve found the best way to avoid this is just to twist back on the jar cap. Perfect!

I would highly recommend any Old Factory Candles gift set to any candle lover. If you are looking for a high quality soy candle that smells great look no further!

Do you have a favorite candle scent?


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  1. I do love nice candles with a good aromatic sent to them. I like the looks of these candles too. I’ll need to check them out. 🙂

  2. Nice, I like candles

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