Why Stationery Will Never Die

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With the widespread use of electronic mail and messages, it might seem that the use of handwritten messages is on the decline. But with the growing popularity of journaling, along with beautiful and diverse uses of printing and graphic design, exceptionally designed notebooks and notepaper are proving that this timeless form of communication and self-expression is not going anywhere.

Express Your Individuality

Choosing the perfect notebook, pens, and pencils at the beginning of a new school year was one way many children and teenagers could express their individuality and budding independence. Continuing along that vein, using stationery seems to make individuals feel a little more in charge of their environment and ready to take on the duties of adulthood. Using distinctive pens on specially chosen paper or in carefully selected notebooks lends an air of maturity, harking back to the days of seeing parents keeping notes in their own personal folios and diaries.

“Snail Mail” Shows Sincerity

Picking out the perfect letterhead or postcard and taking the time to hand write a letter can help relay a genuine connection that online notes just can’t match. Entire boxes are often reserved for saving important missives that individuals have amassed over time. This act of preserving and cataloging letters is an act of nostalgia and sentimentality, typically reserved only for the “snail mail” type of communication.

Writing as Catharsis

The crisp blank space of a new page often brings out the dreamer in all of us. Individuals fill once-empty pages with their hopes and dreams, keeping their innermost secrets and desires safe within the sheets. Keeping a journal or even just a list of to-dos for organization can be a cathartic process, and doing it on attractive paper and with a lovely pen can make it even more enjoyable. You can buy stationery and journals from places like ChronicleBooks.com and be on your way to a peaceful catharsis.

Exceptionally designed paper and notebooks can be a source for slow contemplation in a fast-paced world. Pure self-expression and originality can exist on those blank pages, proving once and for all why handwritten communication will never die.

Do you still hand write letters?


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  1. I hope stationary and snail mail don’t die.. They might though if the post office doesn’t make it though. Stationary is just so cute and so many to choose from. Plus it’s always fun to get something in the mail.

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