Did You Know Baltic Amber Isn’t Just For Teething?

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non-toxic, Succinic Acid, baltic amber, natural remedies, baltic wonder, all natural remedies

For a while now on social media and blogs, I’ve been hearing about Baltic Amber teething necklaces for babies. I would glance right over them since my boys are well past the teething stage. The impression that glance gave me was that they are necklaces babies chew on to help their teeth pain – nothing more, nothing less. Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. These necklaces are not for chewing on! Duh, can we say choking hazard? I’m such an idiot.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are SO much more thanks to Succinic Acid and don’t have to be used just for teething. Here are some other ways baltic amber can benefit you:

Introducing Baltic Wonder

Baltic Wonder has been around for about 5 years now and is a mother’s dream come true. They help parents though that unbearable, fussy teething stage by providing necklaces made of the purest Baltic Amber they could get their hands on. YES!

If your kids are like mine, your head probably wants to explode at least once a day. Thankfully, Baltic Wonder makes some pretty awesome teething necklaces (helps the pain, drooling, and the little boogers temperament) BUT they can also help you!

non-toxic, succinic acid, baltic amber, natural remedies, baltic wonder, all natural remedies

They sent me a Polished Honey Color Baroque Amber Teething Necklace in a ready to give gift box. Inside was a jute carrying bag and a certificate of authenticity. Great for gift giving!

My Baltic Amber necklace is absolutely stunning!

non-toxic, succinic acid, baltic amber, natural remedies, baltic wonder, all natural remedies

I love how different lighting changes its appearance making it look darker or brighter and so smooth to the touch too!!

non-toxic, succinic acid, baltic amber, natural remedies, baltic wonder, all natural remedies

These guys are meant for teething children, measuring 32 – 33 cm long with a screw clasp (so it can’t get yanked off!). However, older children and adults could easily use these necklaces as well. This necklace fits me like a choker (a little tight) but still had plenty of room on an 8-year-old. We both could wear it as a bracelet too although mine was a bit tight wearing it the normal way. I did find that looping the ends around the necklace itself before clasping creates a bracelet I can slip on yet is tight enough to constantly touch my skin.

I love that this is an all natural remedy for many ailments. There’s no fear of bad medication interactions PLUS it’s pretty fashionable too. A great find!

So what’s really the deal with Baltic Amber…Succinic Acid!

Let’s just say Baltic Amber has been helping people for a real, REAL long time. But what makes it so special? It has everything to do with Succinic Acid. Succinic Acid is a powerful antioxidant alkalinizing acid naturally found in the body.

Baltic Wonder teething necklaces are 100% real Baltic Amber. To test this (just to be sure), I did the salt water test by using 1 part salt to two parts water. Real Baltic Amber floats, imitations do not.

Guess what my necklace did? 


non-toxic, succinic acid, baltic amber, natural remedies, baltic wonder, all natural remedies


For headaches (and other ailments), when wearing Baltic Amber, Succinic Acid seeps into your skin, improving the function of your carotid arteries and relieving pain.


Succinic Acid in the Baltic Amber resin is also very good at relieving inflammation. With direct skin contact its oils get absorbed into the bloodstream and reduces inflammation pain with regular wearing. However, young children should always be monitored while wearing necklaces and should never sleep in them.

Studies have shown Baltic Amber is more effective the closer you get it to the pain as possible. So if you have carpal tunnel syndrome a baltic amber bracelet might be better to wear than a necklace.

Reduces Stress

We all have hectic lives and with that comes stress – and A LOT of it! Handling it can sometimes be hard when you are juggling a family. You need time to rest and relax which is rarely possible.

The Succinic Acid in Baltic Amber helps compensate for that body and mind energy drain by boosting awareness and concentration. It’s soothing and calming effects can be felt in adults and children.

Bolsters The Immune System

non-toxic, succinic acid, baltic amber, natural remedies, baltic wonder, all natural remedies

This natural analgesic resin helps fight toxic free radicals improving your body’s immunity. Amber SOS says,

“Succinite is recognized by the medical world and is chemically manufactured today by the pharmaceutical industry for use in immune system medications among many applications.”

What do you have to lose? Nothing if you ask me!

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  1. Diane Brix says:

    Interesting article about Baltic amber; who would have thought it could reduce stress!!!

  2. Jayne Townsley says:

    I think Baltic Amber is pretty.

    I am curious if it really has all the other health benefits.

  3. Christina Gould says:

    I’d like to try one of these necklaces. I’ve never heard of them before. Thanks for posting!

  4. I don’t really have an opinion of baltic amber. It could be really beneficial, but I don’t know anyone personally who has tried it.

  5. Maybe I will! I’ll consider it!

  6. These are really nice. I got one for my grand daughter as I was told it was good for teething. It seems as it worked too.

  7. Buddy Garrett says:

    The article was very interesting. Baltic amber sounds very beneficial for health. It would be great to boost your immunity system.

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