Benefits of Homemade Natural Sugar Scrubs

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sugar scrub
Usually when people think of sugar, they think of something yummy but also as something bad. This is because we all know excess consumption of sugar can lead to obesity, cellulite, and a number of other diseases.

However, this is not the case with our skin. When it comes to our skin sugar can be a very useful ingredient. You may be surprised but sugar is considered to be one of the top components that combat aging. It is also one of the best natural scrubs that can peel your skin perfectly without any other chemical ingredient.

Of course, a small amount of sugar is even necessary for our health. It can help cure our skin from the inside out. For example, a lack of sugar in blood can cause dark circles under the eyes.

A natural sugar scrub has so many positive qualities like the following:
• Can exfoliate dry skin.
• They have no side effects and suit any type of skin.
• Skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis can put at bay because the sugar helps moisturize the skin more effectively.
• By accelerating blood circulation in the top layer of skin, sugar scrubs can help get rid of cellulite and even tighten the skin.
• Sugar scrubs are also great for cleansing and massaging your body. They unblock pores and are easily absorbed. Unblocking pores can help prevent acne and maintain the health of your skin.
• Sugar scrubs help remove oils and dirt from your face and improve the oil balance of your skin.
• They also can help make your skin more radiant. This is because sugar contains Alpha-Hydroxy which makes your skin clean and smooth – helping it glow.
• If you use sugar scrubs regularly, you will see your skin tone become smoother and more even.
• Sugar scrubs in comparison with salty scrubs don`t dehydrate your skin. This makes them better for sensitive skin.
• Can soothe shaved skin or if used before a shave it can help you stay smoother for longer.
• Can help you receive a more even tan.
• Rough and discolored areas on elbows and knees (or callous’) can become soft thanks to the everyday use of this scrub.
• Can take the place of many expensive products.

In order to receive the best results you should know what type of sugar to use and where. Brown sugar is very soft and gentler than granulated sugar which makes it more appropriate as a facial scrub. On the other hand, granulated sugar is rather rough and is better suited as a body scrub. Always make sure to test sugar scrubs on a small area of skin before applying everywhere.

There are several ways to make a sugar scrub. You can combine honey, sugar, and a bit of lemon juice or by using olive oil, a few drops of any essential oil, and brown sugar. It is very simple to make a homemade sugar scrub. Check out this detailed tutorial on  To see the effect of these scrubs, you should use it two times a week (especially in winter when your skin tends to be drier).


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