Oh, Susannah Mr Mrs Pillowcases Review

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I am definitely a pillow person. Ever since I was in elementary school I’ve been attached to a specific kind of pillow, the down feather kind. Well, actually the exact same pillows. Yes, I’ve had these pillows FOREVER and they show it. They’ve been recovered many times and have flatten out quite a bit. At the last recovering my grandma reduced one of the standard sized pillows to a measly neck pillow. I was distraught! I had no idea that was going to happen but there were so few feathers left she felt it was best to do that. It took me forever to get used to it.

These days my bed contains twelve pillows. We don’t nearly use all of them. They are mainly for show when I actually decide to make the bed. At nighttime the bed only contains 4 of the 12. One for my husband (Mr.), one for under my head (Mrs.), one for over my head, and the measly neck pillow for me to hold. In the past having so many matches pillows made it difficult to know which was my head pillow versus my husband’s. I’ve found a great solution to that problem – Oh, Susannah Mr and Mrs Pillowcases.


My Oh, Susannah Mr and Mrs Pillowcases are just darling. I love how something as simple as putting Mr and Mrs on white pillowcases makes getting ready for bed at night easier and the bed more stylish during the day. They fit my standard queen sized pillows great and they are even pretty plush pillows!

Not only are these pillowcases great to look at they feel great too! They are made from 120 Gram silky soft microfiber fabric with a screen print that blends right in. You aren’t going to scratch your face on the Oh, Susannah Mr and Mrs Pillowcase lettering! The screen print is ingeniously designed to never fade even when machine washed thanks to using the CPSIA approved digital dye process. Brilliant, I think!

Our Oh, Susannah Mr and Mrs Pillowcases are under my husband and I’s heads every night. I love knowing at a glance which pillow is mine! Would highly recommend!! Perfect for a wedding or anniversary present.

Do you use matching pillowcases?


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