Easy Camo Name Art Craft

  When I was pregnant with my oldest son we were SO excited, to say the least. It took a while to get to that point so we savored every moment. We decorated his nursery in a moons and stars theme and put his name in wooden letters above his bed. We loved it! I […]

Earth Day Craft: Earth in a Jar

Earth Day is all about helping the environment. It’s great to have kids recycling more, garden, and just plain ole doing what they can for our precious planet. Earth in a Jar is a great reminder for kids that we should be helping our planet all year long not just one special day. Plus it’s […]

Easy Rainbow Shamrock Suncatcher

  Here lately, the kids have been getting invited to a lot of birthday parties. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they have friends and are getting invited to such things but it can be expensive. We have to go out, find a present, and get something to put it in. And when I say […]

Simple Grandparents Day Crafts

Yesterday Big Bug celebrated Grandparents Day at his school. They served all 400+ grandparents a light breakfast and then escorted them to their grandchild’s classroom. There they played math games together and read. This was the first school Grandparents Day my family has been able to celebrate with Big Bug. My dad and grandmother were thrilled they could share […]