A Yard Work Lipton Tea Time Birthday

    March 5th, 2016 my grandmother celebrated her 83rd birthday. She’s doing amazing for 83! You can’t keep this woman down. She’s always on the go digging up plants or doing some kind of crafty thing. She’s often a bit too determined to get things done and more often than not ends up hurting […]

A New Year and a New You With SkinnyMint

  It’s a new year and that means we have the chance to do things better this time around. I don’t know about you but around here holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas tend to be some of the yummier holidays. This means eating things we probably shouldn’t and WAY too much of them. By […]

Young Leaf Natural Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea Review

Do you ever have bloating that just doesn’t seem to go away? Maybe it’s time for a detox! As you know organs like the liver and kidneys filter out all that¬†bad stuff that gets into your system. Over time these toxins can build up causing you to bloat, be extra tired, or just plain feel […]

WayGood Tea Chamomile Mint Cleanse Review

Lately, I have been drinking WayGood Tea Chamomile Mint Cleanse. It’s the perfect combination for me!! I tend to have trouble sleeping at night and always could use a boost in the digestive department. I told you right!? It was like made for me. This tea tastes oh so good. It’s like a chamomile tea […]