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Back to school season is here, which means everyone is busy getting their back to school supplies. Have you ever looked at the supply list your kid needs and screamed a little on the inside? We all know it can be super expensive, which is why I’m here to introduce you to TeacherLists.com. Whether your child is in elementary, middle school, or even high school, TeacherLists.com has you covered.

Supplies in one place


I don’t know about you, but trying to find school supplies can give me a headache. Getting unmatched convenience during the busy summer and back-to-school time is priceless! 

On the site, you will get immediate access to your child’s exact school supply list (the one that their school has posted and parents are required to purchase). You can print the list and shop at your favorite store or choose to link directly to Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Jet where your cart will be pre-loaded with everything you need.

I can’t think of an easier way to buy supplies, then having everything you need in one box ready to be delivered to your house or nearest local pickup store (for Walmart and Target). It’s a must for parents!

Easy to order

Lists are easy to find, whenever a parent needs them, on any device. No more searching through backpacks, emailing teachers or checking school websites for lists. Parents can easily find their child’s lists or receive an alert when their lists have been posted. I found it best to enter in the school’s zip code on the homepage, not your homes.

Once you find your child’s school, click on their grade and your child’s full school supply list will appear. Click on Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Jet to auto-fill your cart with the exact supplies your child needs. Then you pay for it. It’s THAT simple!

Some of the supplies can be bought with Amazon Prime, so you don’t have to pay for shipping either. You can also choose to do a local store pickup at Walmart or Target and save on shipping that way too. I found this way of ordering supplies to be an absolute time saver. I literally had my back to school shopping done in a couple of minutes. It was AMAZING!  

Save yourself some money

Everyone knows that back to school is a time where parents feel nickeled and dimed. They have to buy a long list of supplies, which really can cut down the funds in the bank account. However, if you shop smart, you won’t spend every dime you have. 

By using TeacherLists.com you can easily compare prices. I did the quick, one-click process for each associated E-retailer and was able to easily see what each store would cost me. Then I chose the one that gave me the most bang for my buck. Mom win!

Easy to navigate

I know if you head on over to TeacherLists.com you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Simplicity is important whenever you’re shopping for school supplies. Whether you’re the teacher or the parent, school supply shopping should be simple. Without a doubt, TeacherLists.com has made it super easy to shop and buy for school/teacher supplies.

This year, don’t hurt your brain trying to find school supplies. Shop for them in one place and keep your peace of mind. Shop by the classroom bundle or look for something specific. Work smarter, not harder” and make back-to-school supply list shopping easy in just three simple steps today:  1) Find, 2) Buy, 3) Receive!

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  1. monique s says:

    This is such a helpful guide. There is so much to do to get ready for school so all resources help…thank you

  2. I think you can easily buy school supplies online. I like to buy some of the cheaper items when they are rock bottom prices around our home, if I have time. The kids like to pick some items out themselves too. This is your preference whether to show them something online or take them out to a store.

    • There are certain things that would definitely be more fun for them to pick out themselves. However, there are other items that don’t have any options and those I like to get out of the way first.

  3. What a fab website!! I spend a fortune on school supplies for my four, this looks like a great website and everything all in one place!

    • With four kids, I have no doubt it can be a very long process in getting school supplies. Definitely the app for you!

  4. Our Family World says:

    This is a great app to have during this back to school season. My kids are all grown so we are done with that phase of back to school shopping. I will recommend this to my cousin. she has 3 daughters all going back to school and it is a daunting task to make sure they have all the school supplies they need.

    • Those lists can get so long! If she has three kids, I can imagine having to go through for each one is quite the heavy task.

  5. What a great way to manage your kid’s start of the school! My daughter is only two so I don’t have any stress about that quite yet but I would definitely use Teacherlist once the time had come…and it will come soon enough!

  6. Online shopping is the easiest way to shop. From house just did click and find the things that we need. I never heard about TheacherList.com but I’m sure this is a great site for mum and Teacher to shop

    • It’s an amazing site! If you enjoy online shopping, then you’ll enjoy this site. 😉

  7. This is such an amazing idea! I hate the back to school shop and having to trail around so many different shops to find exactly what we need.

  8. I love teacherslist.com I am an ESL Teacher and I always use this website and I highly recommend it!!

  9. I remember being on the teacher end of the back to school list. But that was pre internet listings of products. That’s so great they have some place like teachers list.com to be able to help you find what you need for back to school supplies.

  10. It always seems like there is so much to buy for kids to go back to school, it’s always time saving and stress relieving to be able to shop all in one place like online.

  11. I am not a type of person who shops online often, but when I saw how crazy it was in the bookstore, I think I might be from now! I am so delighted by the fact Teachers list can help you save money, comparing prices can be rather difficult in store surrounded with tons of people!

    • You are so right. The lines can get long and trying to figure out prices isn’t happening. Been there, done that, gave me a headache!

  12. That is awesome! I think that is so needed for many parents. Especially if you have multiple children– saving money is a must.
    Via Bella Blog

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